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#AtoZChallenge - BLOGGERS WERE CHILDREN TOO! - K is for Kittie (Howard)


Regular followers and visitors to this site will know I'm using BLOGGERS WERE CHILDREN TOO! for my theme this year. I hope you're enjoying reading about bloggers, some you know and some you may not yet know, as they respond to some prompts I sent out. I've been so grateful for their responses as it helped me to get to know them better, admire their stunning cuteness as babes, and delighted me with random facts.

Thank you Adult Bloggers for your heartfelt responses. Thank you readers for visiting my posts. I hope you'll leave a comment and if you'd like to follow the link to my respondents' blogs they'd be delighted to meet you.

Rock on A- Z Challenge.

Yesterday was Joy Campbell.


 K is for Kittie (Howard)

I WAS BORN IN:  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Years later, while chatting with my hub-to-be's best man, I learned John had been born in the same hospital (Southern Baptist) in New Orleans on the same day (July 9th), but fifteen minutes before me.  

I GREW UP INWhile my father was in law school at LSU, we lived in Quonset huts, housing for married students on the LSU campus.  The huts were across from the historic Indian mounds.  In the evenings, my sister and I would hold hands and walk with our parents in the designated areas around the mounds.  Before my father graduated, we moved to my grandparents farm, where most of my blog stories occurred.  I attended a rural, three-room school, with two grades in a room, which is how I skipped second grade (and graduated from high school at sixteen). After third grade, we moved to a nearby town where I remained until I entered Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

MY FAVOURITE HOME WAS INI can't pick a favorite home.  Each was special for different reasons.  But spending my formative years on a farm nurtured my independent spirit -- and love of nature.  It's sheer bliss to wiggle my toes in fresh-turned dirt.  I'm a big conservationist and tear-up when I see Nature disrespected.  Having said that, there were 25 of us in my graduating class in that small town.  To this day, we are very tight. We'll get together when hub and I go to Louisiana the end of April.  We sit around and talk and laugh non-stop into the evening.  It's nice, very nice.

MY BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY IS: There are so many warm memories, like when my siblings were born and my mother sat close to me so I could hold my baby brother, it's difficult to pick one here.  But reaching outside of family, my best memory was when I stepped into the big bad world on my own and entered first grade. I returned to class after recess and found a valentine on my desk, with a heart drawn around my printed name.  I remember blinking and smiling and feeling special.

MY WORST CHILDHOOD MEMORY IS: The day daddy had to shoot Sugar Bowl, my dog.  Sugar Bowl had somehow killed a small animal and tasted blood. When he started growling at me for no reason, daddy lured him into a back pasture on the farm.  I don't think about this very often, but when I do, I hear the gunshot.

TODAY I LIVE IN:    Northern Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C.

PROUDEST WRITER MOMENT:  When I hit 'send' and my first e-pub, "Remy Broussard's Christmas', flew from my hands.

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME:  I like to paint, as in, painting a room.  It's magical how paint transforms a room or a wall.  I have my paint cans on a shelf in the garage.  Everyone knows they will die a horrible death if those cans are touched!

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I blog stories gained through life's experiences, some good, some not so good, but thankful for both and my life's rich tapestry. I blog for the sheer joy of writing, the pleasure at hearing the keyboard's tap, tap, tap as it slices through the years, but well aware that the past is prologue. I primarly blog about growing up on a farm in South Louisiana, stories anchored in a family that first came to Louisiana in 1679. All of my stories are free-standing. You can jump in any time! Have a great day
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I hope you enjoyed reading about Kittie. Tune in tomorrow when it is L'Aussie's turn. From Louisiana/Virginia to the Queensland bush. Quite a trip!


  1. So many wonderful memories here - very sad about Sugar Bowl though. Doing the right thing isn't always easy.

    What a cute little girl you were :-)

  2. I recently painted the kitchen walls. I'm not sure I share your enthusiasm for painting ;)

  3. Kittie, nice to learn more about you. I LOVE New Orleans!

  4. You definitely had a mischievous grin as a child! Sounds like a great childhood, those Indian mounds sound interesting. Sorry to hear about Sugar Bowl though.

  5. Lovely interview, thanks for sharing your childhood with us!

  6. Ah, there's always a sad note isn't there?


  7. It's amazing how little random acts of kindness can warm a child's heart.

  8. That's so cool that you paint as well as write. And cool story about your hub's best man.

    Sorry to hear about your dog.

  9. Thanks, Denise, for this lovely mention. You're very kind to do so.

    And hub loves XXXX Beer!

    1. Pleasure, Kittie. Well your hub has good taste! D.

  10. Kittie looks like she was a pleasant kiddo. Growing up so close to nature must have been wonderful.

  11. I envy you painting as well as writing. I hate to hear about Sugar Bowl. Humans are sometimes as well. Once they taste blood, they are never the same. It was great to learn more about you, Roland

  12. What lovely memories, Kittie! I'm from the deep south, too. Things were different when we were small, weren't they? Some changes are for the best, some are lost treasures. Thanks for sharing your treasures. ; )

  13. I know Kittie! Wow, sorry your dad had to shoot your dog.

  14. Great post. I so want to paint rooms. One day I will live in a place where I can paint the rooms whatever color I want and I can't wait.

  15. Wonderful memories! I'm sorry about your dog, though. What a sad thing to have happened.

  16. Its great to know Kitty a little better. Imagine being born in the same hospital on the same day!

  17. I love hearing more about Kittie, one of my favorite bloggers.

    Play off the Page

  18. I never knew that about dogs; they snniff blood and then they can be after you? Glad we only have gerbils. Thanks for following me and following you back. we're both hanging in at K!

  19. Great Interview. I've enjoyed my visits to Kittie's blog and it's interesting to learn more about her early years in LA.

  20. Hi Denise .. another great author - I imagine Kittie's stories incorporating her times on the farm .. must have a great ring to them ..

    Fascinating to read and meet Kittie .. cheers Hilary

  21. Hello Kittie.
    Your portrait picture is so adorable. I've always enjoyed your posts. Nice knowing a bit more about you. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Denise.


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