Friday 18 December 2009

An English Takeover

Just reading the latest edition of Australian mag, That's Life Fast Fiction (Summer Edition) armed with the knowledge that several bloggers I follow have stories published within. Enjoyed Who Killed Harry by Sally Quilford, a name I recognised, but unfortunately she is the only one with a name I know. Many great stories in this issue, so keep up the good work, English girls. I've been plugging away, sending stories, and hope I can reap some success in this mag soon. Writing a short story always brings a smile to my face and it is hard work (some say the hardest form of fiction), but now I have to work on bringing a smile onto the face of the editior...Happy writing!

Monday 7 December 2009

An Aussie Christmas

An Aussie Christmas is about simple food and the beach

Been reading the blogs I follow (mainly English for some reason) and a few Christmas stories are trickling through, enough to highlight the difference between a Northern Hemisphere Christmas and a Southern one. Hmm.

In Oz we have been suffering extreme heatwaves (40+C in some parts), bushfires (already!), floods (although I see England had a wee bit of a one), drought (in my area) and endless debates on Climate Change and Global Warming causing it all.

We're on our third leader of the Opposition and all due to Global Warming. Hum. All shaping up to the usual Aussie Christmas that we love so well. And the very reason the last few Christmasas I've managed to be in the Northern Hemisphere struggling through blizzards in Belgium and driving on snowy roads in France, not to mention being frozen in London. What is worse?

I'm about to become reaquainted with the lovely Aussie Christmas!

For many years we have struggled with the ridiculous idea of cooking a roast dinner in 30+C heat, but thankfully that is one of our British Empire traditions that has mostly found its way to the archives of modern history - now we go for prawns and lots of other delicious seafood, salads, wonderful crudites and cold trifle or cheesecakes for dessert.

Thanks to another British import - Masterchef (which I watched when I was in London a few years ago) - Australians have upped their expectations of food. We are now ALL masterchefs. The show has taken Oz by storm. We are out trawling the Farmers' Markets and Gourmet Delis to plate up the freshest and finest for our loved ones. So it ain't half bad!

Well and I managed fine getting the Chrissy deckies up yesterday - no lofts to climb, no dreaded lurgy laying me low in high summer, just a few boxes to get out of the backs of cupboards and bingo! Lights and colour. I'm completely addicted to fairy lights, so all the extra heat is going to add to the already warm temp and I'm going to have to crank up the air-con. What was that I was saying about Global Warming? Who's responsible? It is me after all....

Merry Christmas everyone!

But of course Oz does have its compensations - gorgeous beaches, swimming pools everywhere, resort holidays, watersports - being in a hot clime does have its good points...