Wednesday 6 April 2016

#IWSG...The A-Z is into its first week...but I am climbing walls in China!

What an eagerly-awaited month!

 April is here!
The A-Z is here!
But...I am not here.

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I am not participating in the A-Z as April is a different sort of month for me. Posting every day and commenting is out of the question...because I AM IN CHINA! Yes, you heard! I've been here 3 days now and no doubt I'm loving it! (If that confuses you, this is a pre-scheduled post).

I mentioned some time ago that China was on my wish list, and I grabbed a fantastic opportunity for a guided tour of Beijing and Shanghai when it came up. So, I'll either be so amazed I'll return and see more under my own steam, or this short tour will be enough to satisfy my China wunderlust.

I love immersing myself in new cultures, do you? China is the polar opposite to Australia in so many ways. The good thing is that several of my students speak Mandarin, so I have the important go-to phrases if I manage to give the guides the slip and do some exploring of my own.

This is not a travel article (that will be written when I return), but for those who're interested, here are the highlights...Can't wait to get photographs of my own, but here are found images...

Image result for IMAGE OF THE GREAT WALL
BEIJING: The Great Wall of China (of course!!).  I'm probably clambering over some of the 5,000 km Wall (3,100 miles - some say 5,500 miles) trying not to think about the skeletons under the cement of those labourers who died during the making of (I used to teach Ancient History), Tienanmen Square (to pay  homage to the students who did/didn't die there in the demonstrations of 1989), The Forbidden City, parts of which are no longer forbidden to Westerners. We get to eat real Peking Duck...hmm...hope the feet have been removed...ogle bogle!

Shanghai French Concession
1930 on Tai'an Lu - art deco store
in the French Concession
SHANGHAI: The highlight here to me will be the French Concession. I read a fabulous novel by Lisa See set in this section of the city (it is not on the guided tour, so will have to sneak off..but I AM GOING THERE!). No doubt it'll turn up in a future story.

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Then the Bund District (the European section which I suppose they think we'd like to see), but most importantly we spend a couple of days out in the country visiting and staying at two little traditional cities where we can imagine the Old Dynastic China. I'm expecting a photographer's paradise!

So, not feeling insecure. Travel always washes away my insecurities as it's my default happy position. I've been writing up a storm in March...have a novella set in Paris which keeps growing at the suggestion of my beyond-awesome critique partner, and I have made a good start on the sequel to my paranormal romance, Under the Tuscan Moon.

All you A-Zers, I wish you well. I'll be along to read catch-up posts when I return. But the final weeks of April I will spend doing my April NaNoWriMo...writing every day like it's November. In China I will be writing every chance I get. Will have a new big, fat, copious journal clutched under my arm.

Thanks for coming by!

Leave a comment please! Google is out of favour in China, so is Facebook and most social media, I am told, but I will reply to comments when I return to the land of Oz.