Be transported from New York, to Paris, to a chateau in the French countryside. Fashion meets Art in Paris as Saskia and Raphael follow their dreams!

What Raphael wants, Raphael gets.

And Raphael wants me.

 I'm a fashion designer; he's an artist.

He's my Sun King; I'm his muse. 

Read this hot contemporary romance where two wounded people come together and achieve something wonderful after traveling down a rocky path.

Their trials forge them into an understanding of how precious their love is, and how devastating each parting has been.

Grab it today.

Find out why so many readers are talking about Saskia and Raphael.


More than cooking goes on in the kitchen,



A kiss of darkness. A kiss of death.

“I want to taste you, not kill you,” she whispered. "You will be my new Blood Spouse."


They ache
They love
They thirst for the Forbidden
They are Vipunin's Worst Fears

Come along with Vipunin on the most amazing adventure of his life ... and his death.

Enjoy the mythical, the fantasy, the history!

Tired of the same old paranormal romance? Read Book One of this glittering classic vampire romance set in Renaissance Italy.


COMING SOON - Master of the Pack - Book Three in the vampire series



Diverse, at times dark, at times heart-rending, a bite-sized compelling collection of 7 short stories by Australian author Denise Covey:

Lost in Venice

Anouk gets far more than she bargains for when she flies solo into Venice’s famous Carnevale. Will she return to her husband, Louis, who waits patiently for her at Place Vendome in Paris? Or will she remain lost in Venice?

Peace and Love and Pomegranates

Lovers Hallie and Bosco live dangerously in one of the most dangerous cities in the world – Kabul, Afghanistan. Bosco works on the field carrying out secret maneuvers, while Hallie runs her own café behind the walls. She worries constantly while Bosco is away, but isn’t she in just as much danger?

Carpe Diem

Saskia and Raphael are lovers and soulmates. Both have reached the zenith of their careers in Paris – Saskia is a renowned fashion designer; Raphael is a famous painter. Their climb to the top was not without incident, but are they about to face the challenge of their lives?

Black Angel

A mother’s lament for her daughter. A family who failed to negotiate the minefield that is teenager-hood in the modern day.

A Thirst Before Dying

The Australian bush is dangerous and unforgiving, especially to those who fail to take heed of the rules of survival. Here is a love story of two mates in a life-and-death struggle against the elements. Who will survive?

Martyr to the Cause

Blanche has always chosen life as a premier dancer at the Moulin Rouge over life as a nurse. Things change when she loses her job, her apartment and her lover, Marcel. She now faces the biggest decision of her life.

Eirini and Alexandros

World War 11 is over, leaving many of the Greek Islands shattered; far too many have lost their lives. Eirini is one of the lucky ones. She leaves her desolate island for the boat trip to Thira (Santorini), to find a new life, a new husband and a new home.


Diverse, dark, at times heart-rending, a bite-sized compelling collection of 5+ short paranormal romance stories by Australian author Denise Covey writing under her pen name, Silver Tree:

Duke Vipunin de Castellina gets more than he ever dreamed when he returns to his castle in Tuscany on his thirtieth birthday to accept his inheritance. Instead of his castle, his lands, his titles, he is sucked into darkness, betrayed by his blood brother who lusts after everything Vipunin owns, including his beloved Ciassia.

Ties That Bind
A Romeo and Juliet story, sexy and fun, which begins at Fiumicino Airport in Rome and ends in the ruins of the Roman Forum. Juliet is excited to be home again in the Eternal City, her home for thousands of years, but Romeo is less than thrilled when she walks him through the gates of the ancient city, hailing ghosts from her past.

Love Sucks
A fun tale of a 400-year-old vampire who models himself on his hero, Dracula. Bored with hiding out in a hotel in Paris, avoiding the sun, he buys himself a dingy underground bar where he can hide in open sight throughout the day and night. He is the embodiment of self-serving satisfaction, when in walks a tasty bite – or so he thinks.

Death for Someone, Somewhere
Two undead lovers make it their second life’s work to bring murderers to justice in their own particular way.

Adolescence That Never Ends
Emilia wants to attend the vampire council meeting, but she’s not telling her father it’s because of that cute Horatio she met at a conference in Inverness. Her father insists she attend school instead, where she has to pass the Wicked Sister’s test. But as the spirits align, Emilia discovers Horatio is attending the school next door. Win!

Be Careful What You Wish For – BONUS STORY
Enya found her little Scottish Isle boring and ho hum. When a stranger comes to town, she willingly goes for a ride in his fancy Maserati. So much more exciting than her boyfriend Julian’s beat up old Toyota. But the stranger’s appeal was short lived, much like Enya’s earthly life.


Spine-chilling stories to read by the campfire. A bite-sized compelling collection of short stories by Australian author Denise Covey writing as Silver Tree:

Trick or Treat
Delbar wakes. Her husband has returned from the dead after being killed by the Taliban. Or is it someone masquerading as her Alam? Surely Alam belongs in Paradise, not in her living room. 

Death Comes to Town
Death arrives at JFK on runway 13A at midnight, thirteen minutes behind schedule. Who is his target this time? Will it be Death’s finest hour?

The Strange House in the Snow
Yasmina has escaped Afghanistan with her mother, after losing her father to the Taliban for working for the Americans. Hiding in the house in the woods in Washington State, have they reached safety or are they in even more danger?

Monsters are Real
No one else can see the ghost who chases Andra through the streets of Montmartre to the Montmartre Cemetery. She always knew monsters were real. Will she find out just how real?

Paris wakes to a glorious sunrise of terracotta roofs on fire. But soon there will be a real fire ablaze at a terrorist’s hand.

Murder Most Foul
Macbeth and McDuff fight again. Will Macbeth be victorious this time?

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
Sheila chose the wrong man to cuckold. Now he’s back for revenge.

Meet me at Union Station
Her daughter Angel is missing. Has disappeared in Los Angeles, where she has been seeking fame and fortune. The mother is taken on a wild run through LA, … but when she reaches Union Station, what she finds stops her heart.

I Remember – Bonus story
Some lovers really believe in spending eternity together. And it’s worth the fight.

The Hungry Ghost – Bonus story
Qui’an’s nightmare – will it ever end? Or will she roam, forever a hungry ghost who everyone has forgotten.

COMING SOON - A Short Story booklet on WAR - Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine

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