Wednesday 1 July 2009

Travelling again

My, I have such an exciting life! On Friday morning (early!!!!! because someone likes to get an early start!) will be taking a road trip to Townsville, North Queensland. It is over 1000 km, so will be on the road 2 days each way. It can be a very long trip, and unfortunately boring in some bits, as the road doesn't go close enough to the coast. You're driving through the wonderfully samish Aussie bush. Hopefully no kangaroos will pop out to say hi when we're travelling at 120km per hour! Anyway, thankfully you may say, my blog may be quiet for a few days as travelling is pretty exhausting (especially with a husband and puppy!) so I won't be feeling like chatting. It is a great time to hit the road over in Oz - winter - although our days are 26 deg C. Townsville is in the tropics (I'm in the sub-tropics) so it is still around 30 deg C. Not a bad winter!