Wednesday 5 July 2023


How are you doing? I'm glad you found your way here on IWSG day because I want to pick your brains. I'm not answering the optional question today - I'm going my own way.

After trying for the past 10 years, I'm finally closing down my English tutoring business at the end of the senior school year. I made sure I only tutored Year 12 students this year - they'll be off to University, so I won't get tearful phone calls from mums and dads when I fling them into the big wide world without their guide by their side.

Now, my insecurity is - what do I do now I have the opportunity to write full time? Well, I have a big extended family, so there are never-ending demands on my time, but there's nothing new about that. Some clever clogs manage to write books with a baby over their shoulder, tapping on their smart phones. Wow. But I'm definitely going to have extra hours in the week to write and I fear I will fritter them away.

I'm endlessly fascinated by those threads in many FB writing groups I follow. Last week there was one on 20booksto50k whose focus is unashamedly The Business of Being a Self-Published Author. That's the crux of my problem - I don't treat writing as a business, except in my head. So on 20 books, there were the usual and stoic - "I set aside xx number of hours per day and stick to it, no exceptions" to the "I never set goals because it stresses me and I end up writing less." Hmm. Reminds me of someone.

It doesn't take much to fascinate me when writers talk about writing because I always think everyone is smarter than I am. Then I remind myself I have self-published 6 books over a couple years which sounds pretty awesome, until I 'fess I've been working on some of them since 2010, LOL. To call me a slow writer is an understatement. You know, there's places to travel, holidays to take, house to clean, meals to cook, books to read, WEP to oversee and write for, research ... you know. And I just can't stop self-editing!!

But I was truly fascinated by one clever writer who said, and I paraphrase, "I spend a month outlining/planning my next book, I spend a month (yes, only a month!!!) writing it, then leave it for a month, then I spend a month editing - self-editing, then send it to my editor and start the whole process again on my next book." Holy guacamole! Now if I try to emulate this clever author I'd fall flat on my face, seeing I've never finished a book in under 5 years!

**So how about you? Are you secure in your writing career, set a business plan and follow it, or are you more like me who doesn't set weekly goals so I'm not disappointed when I can't reach them? I'd love to hear how clever you sets goals.

And this is the purpose of the IWSG - To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

So thanks in advance for your assistance and guidance ...

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