Wednesday 6 July 2022

#IWSG July - Living in book worlds. #Paris is a visual feast.

 Hello all!

Time for another #IWSG post. What goes around, comes around, right? This month we're going to have a sneak peek into our writers' personalities wherein they choose a book world.

July 6 question - If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?

No surprise. I don't write sci-fi or fantasy (other than vampire fantasies and I wouldn't want to inhabit that world, LOL) so of course I'd like to live in the Paris bookworld where my Paris Dreams characters live. 

Paris is a stunning city and I've practically walked every cobblestone, clambered up every hill, poked my nose into fantastic gardens, museums and art galleries, and there would be worse fates than living in Saskia's world of fashion or Raphael's world of art. 

Pretty groovy. 

So after numerous trips spotting locations, my next Parisian bookworld is in the world of French food. Yummy. Food, friends, passion and mystery. Delicious. Be ready for its release in October, all going well.

Let's have a visual feast. Here is my inspiration using my own pics:

Many meals and some scary stuff goes down at one of my favorites, Cafe de Flore.

Sacre Coeur and Montmartre feature.

One of the characters is a huge Hemingway fan (what a surprise!). Here's the door to one of his apartments at place de la Contrescarpehe, closest to where my story is set in St Germain des Pres.

One of the characters puts a love lock amongst the thousands which have now been moved to Pont Neuf.

Catching the metro is always fun, especially if they're art nouveau like this one at Place Collette.

One of the main characters sketches this statue of an angel I snapped at Pere Lachaise cemetery.

This lovely homeless guy and one of his dogs features. But he's not so lovely in the story.

When asked to describe my WIP, this is the entry I wrote for the #IWSG Anthology webpage. I shared my taglines-in-progress:

“Drama, romance, and passion are layered, flavoured, tasted, left to simmer, not unlike the traditional French recipes scattered throughout the book.”

“Food, love, passion for Paris, combined with characters layered with shades of darkness combined with a good measure of charisma.”

“More than cooking goes on in this kitchen.”

“Absolutely delicious … like a warm hug.”

“If you love reading about food, Paris, love, feisty characters, this is a book you will relish.”

 Which tagline do you like the best?? I need one for the cover and maybe I could incorporate some in the blurb.

Like the sound of my bookworld?

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Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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