Wednesday 4 July 2018

#IWSG - I'm scrambling!

Hi all!

I had to go into the IWSG website to check something and realized, gulp, that the posting was today US time, not tomorrow. Sincere apologies. Here are my excuses if you want to read something after wasting your time clicking on my name on the list:

1) It's school holidays. As a teacher, my brain has a little rest and forgetting dates is one of them!

2) Had trouble with our solar power and battery set-up, which at our place is a disaster. The company that installed the batteries for our system has declared bankruptcy so no warranty. However, since hubs used to work for them, the owner of previous/a current company under a new name (go figure) at least gave us the new battery which hubs installed himself. Meanwhile, have been tripping over extension cords and double adapters as we had everything plugged into the mains. Sorry, most of this probably went right over your head. Needless to say, a few hours ago, hubs finished the installation and we're all good, powering away from the winter sun.

3) I'm wracking my brains on how to start Book Three in my vampire trilogy. Hmm. But I feel it coming. I'm not a great plotter. This to me is the hard part of writing. Once I'm away, I fly like my vamps!

4) I've been choosing winners for the WEP writing competition! Getting a post ready to go on the website! Finally done!

Think about joining us in August! Exciting things are happening at WEP! More news coming soon!


So, enough excuses. Hope all you guys are doing well.