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Santa Fest Gift - Little Tug to the Rescue with original painting

I participated in the Santa Fest where bloggers sent each other unique gifts anonymously. Today I received my gift, an original story, Little Tug to the Rescue. The illustration is an original painting by the author. It was beautiful to receive and read so I thought I'd share it with you.

Thank you Dear Blogger for the wonderful story and painting!

Merry Christmas!

Little Tug To The Rescue

Little Tug lives in the Hidden Harbour at the end of Long Road in Seatown. Although he is very small, he’s also very strong and important.

 Every day whether rainy or sunny, windy or snowy Little Tug is hard at work. He pulls and pushes, shoves and budges the giant ships out of the harbour and into the Wide Open Sea.

At the end of one very long day, Little Tug chugged up to the harbour mouth pulling his last Giant Ship of the day. When he’d finished he let out a great big sigh.
“What’s the matter Little Tug?” came Sid the Seagull’s voice from far above his head.
“I’m tired of pushing and pulling, shoving and budging all day long. I want to go and explore the Wide Open Sea”

“Then why don’t you go on an adventure?” asked Sid, coming to sit on Little Tug’s head.
“I don’t want to go on my own,” said Little Tug, looking sad. “The Giant Ships always keep me company when I leave the harbour. Without them I’d be lonely.”
“I’ll come with you,” said Sid. “Let’s go exploring.”

So, later that evening as the first of the stars appeared in the sky, Little Tug and Sid the Seagull set off out to sea.
They sailed and they chugged and soon they had left the harbour far behind them.

Soon, they had been bobbing along for such a long time that the sky had filled with stars, and they had both fallen fast asleep.

‘Help!’ Little Tug woke with a start. It was morning already.
“Did you hear that Sid?” asked little Tug
‘W-h-a-t?’ yawned Sid, stretching in the sunshine.
‘That!’ said Little Tug.
“I sure did,” said Sid, “Come on, let’s go and investigate.”

I think we’re getting close! Said Little Tug, spotting a small island. The island had a beach. On the beach was a Big Boat all on its own.

“Did you shout for help?” asked Sid, flying over and landing on the Big Boat.
“Yes I did.”
“Oh dear,” said Sid
“What’s the matter?” asked Little Tug kindly.

“A storm came, and a great big wave carried me here. And now I’m stuck on this beach.”
“Oh dear, oh dear!” said Sid again.

“Don’t worry Big Boat, I’ve got a plan to rescue you.”
Big Boat stopped sobbing and he and Sid the Seagull listened closely as Little Tug explained his clever plan.
“Do you think this will work?” asked Sid
“Of course it will work., said Little Tug.
“I sure hope it works,” sighed Big Boat. “I’ve been stuck here for far too long. Let’s give it a go.”

Sid swooped over to Little Tug and took one of his ropes in his beak. Then he flew back to the island and tied the end of the rope tightly to Big Boat.

“Ready?” asked Little Tug.
“Ready! Cried Big Boat.
“Go Go Go,” shrieked Sid.

Little Tug pulled and pulled...
But the Big Boat wouldn’t budge.
“I’m still stuck,” sighed the Big Boat.
“Oh dear,” said Sid.
“I need more help!” puffed Little Tug. “Grab the rope Sid.”

Sid wrapped his beak around the rope and got ready to pull with all his strength.
“Ready?” asked Little Tug.
“Ready!” cried Big Boat
“Mrph,” muttered Sid through a beak-full of rope.

And they both pulled and pulled... but still the Big Boat wouldn’t budge.
“I’m going to be stuck forever,” panicked Big Boat.
“Oh dear, oh dear!” worried Sid.
“I’m going to need even more help,” puffed Little Tug.

“I have an idea,” said Sid. “I’ll be back soon, wait here.” And off he flew as fast as his wings could flap. Soon he was just a speck in the distance.

Before too long, they could see him again... and as he came closer, and closer, they could see that he wasn’t alone.
“I’m back!” said Sid, landing on Little Tug’s head, “and I’ve brought more help. This is Wanda the Whale. Wanda this is Little Tug, and that is poor old Big Boat.”

“Hello!” said Wanda. ‘As soon as Sid said that you were stuck, I wanted to help – come on everybody, let’s give it a go!”

Sid tied a loop in a second rope and dropped this over Wanda’s head. Then he flew onto the island and tied the other end to Big Boat.

“Ready?” asked Little Tug
“Ready.” Said Big Boat.
“Mrph!” muttered Sid, taking up the rope in his beak again.
“Glub!” spluttered Wanda from under the water.

They all pulled and pulled

And pulled some more
And slowly, slowly
Big Boat started to slip... and slide
And finally SPLOOSH!
“You did it!” cried big Boat, “I’m not stuck anymore, I’ back sailing in the sea!”

“Yipee!” shouted Little Tug
“Woopee doo!” bubbled Wanda
“Hurray!” flapped Sid, swooping a loop the loop.

“Thank you so much everyone!” said Big Boat, happy to finally be free.
“Is there anything I can do for you in return?”
“Actually, Sid and I are a little bit lost. We drifted off to sleep and bobbed far away from our home at Hidden Harbour. Do you know the way back there?”

“Yes I do!” replied Big Boat excitedly, “That’s where I was headed before I got washed up here – I’ll show you the way home.”
“I think I’d better come with you too” said Wanda, “just in case of any more storms – I can’t be having you all washed up on this island again!”

And so they set off in one long line – Big boat leading the way, followed by Little Tug, followed by Sid, followed by Wanda bringing up the rear.

And as they splooshed and swooped along as the sun climbed high in the sky and then dipped back down into the sea.

Finally, just as the first new stars appeared in the sky, they reached the mouth of the Hidden Harbour.

“Here we are at last,” said Big Boat.
“Phew, I’m pooped!” said Little Tug
“I’m starving,” said Sid
“Now I’ve seen you safely home, I’ll say goodnight. See you soon everyone.”
“Good bye. Thank you” they all called as Wanda splashed away.

What an amazing adventure, sighed Sid
“Wasn’t it?!” said Little Tug, The Giant ships will never believe me when I tell them in the morning.

Thank you to whoever wrote this for my Santa Fest gift! I hope all my readers enjoyed the tale. Did you?

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