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#RomanticFridayWriters - Challenge No 27- My story, 'Sparkle!'

#RomanticFridayWriters is now a twice-monthly blogfest started by yours truly, where writers post a poem or flash fiction piece with a word count of 400 words and under on a given theme. This week's theme is Sparkle! The challenge is open to anyone wishing to take part in a friendly writing exercise, show off an excerpt from a WIP, or just have some writing fun. However there must be some romantic element - in this you are invited to think outside the square. We know romance is more than just chocolates and roses. Are you in love with your car, your new dress, the place where you were born?

Mine is posted early this week as I'm incommunicado tomorrow. Click on the #RomanticFridayWriters link above or in my right-hand sidebar to read more Sparkle! stories...

It was many long years ago on a cold winter’s night in Yellow Springs, Ohio, that Serena first tasted the power of Christmas lights. Their brash sparkle entranced her, she who had never before seen such a display. She drove up and down the magical street in her borrowed car, marvelling at the fairyland of twinkling lights.

‘There’s a spirit behind those lights,’ she thought. ‘They’re an expression of Christmas, a gift to anybody who drives past.’ Well, nobody could walk past here in Yellow Springs, it’s absolutely freezing!

She returned to her hometown in Australia with a plan. The plan would feature her little tree in the garden, the one she’d planted when her beloved Kev died. ‘I’m going to put lights on you, little tree. You’re going to add some sparkle to this town. Every time I see you twinkling away, I’ll think of Kevvie.’

Christmas couldn’t come soon enough for Serena. Usually she dreaded Christmas. She had no family. No one to share the ‘festive’ season with, but that was about to change.

Serena was amazed at the effect of her first little Christmas Lights display. Neighbours she’d never met came walking by (Christmas in Australia is hot, very hot). They exclaimed over the baubles glistening in the summer’s night and vowed they would add some sparkle next Christmas.

Serena eagerly awaited next Christmas to see if their proclamations bore fruitl. She’d enjoyed the year, taking morning tea with the ladies in the street, but best of all she’d met Sam, the tree man. Her little tree had grown so fast that it needed trimming, so neighbourly Sam had attended to the task.

Every Christmas now the gardens in her street transformed into beauties, a sight to behold. Weeks before Christmas there were baubles on gum trees, fairy lights bedecking houses and bushes, talking donkeys and life-sized nativity scenes. Serena saw each and every sparkly house and was thankful.

The little cedar tree that had housed her first Christmas lights was now magnificent, towering over the whole yard. Sam helped her put the finishing touches to her latest display.

Together they hit the ON switch.Woo hoo!

Her roof, balcony and tree glowed with strings of bulbs, flashing, dancing, enthralling.

‘Look!’ someone cried.

The cedartree. Red flickering lights read: ‘Serena, marry me?’

Serena hugged Sam as warmly as a humid Australian December night would allow.


‘Aaahhh!’ exclaimed the neighbours, clapping loudly.


  • How did you like my little fairy tale?

Word count: 402 - MPA - this is just a fun story. No need to go crazy with critiquing. Please leave a comment.

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