Monday, 19 December 2011

A leisurely Christmas stroll through Brisbane. Sparkly summer pics from me to you.

Sorry if you've already come by to see my pics. Google has been playing up and I had to re-do the pics more than once! I hope they're okay now...
Judging by the comments from my previous Christmas in Australia post I see many of you are quite interested in a Down Under Christmas. When I was zipping around the Queen Street Mall in the inner city yesterday doing some last-minute shopping, I took a few pics to share with you. I hope you enjoy this little trip around my neighbourhood.

Let's start the Christmas season with lots of Santas running to raise money for sick children. Well, these stragglers with children in prams were strolling to the finish line. They sweltered in their Santa suits but still got into the spirit and raised thousands of dollars for sick children.

My favourite poinciana tree which was under flood water last year. This is my bridge where I walk from where I live amongst the highrises across to the Cultural Centre and South Bank.

Okay, the Queen Street Mall. Right up the centre are restaurants and entertainment areas. During the Christmas season choirs from near and far come to sing our favourite Christmas songs.

There's always an angel watching over us.

Another entertainment venue. Here we have a string ensemble and little children from the crowd
 having a go at some hymns.

The window displays at Myer are always popular. How could you explain to your 
kids what some of the wacky displays mean?

Well, Santa comes from a long way away. Will he find our town right Down Under?

So I needed a fresh juice after all that camera work and shopping. Now who's this at my favourite juice bar? You just never know what you'll see around Christmas in the Mall.

Hope you enjoyed your little stroll through Brisbane. It's another beautiful summer's day here and I'm continuing to prepare for a beach Christmas. I hope you enjoy your log fires, eggnog, shovelling snow, real Christmas trees with real snow, while I enjoy sunning and surfing and eating and drinking.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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