Friday, 1 May 2009


Today I am torn, as well as under pressure. What to do first? Sell off some of my books on ebay? Edit that article I am writing hoping to get it published on Gonomad? Do a bit of swotting for that new student I'm tutoring next week? Polish a few short stories and get them sent off?

Really, life is so full, and that's just the virtual part! What with reading everyone's blogs, joining Twitter , which took ages since every Paris lover had taken every Parisian-themed name I thought of - finally settled on pichetsinparis, thinking of all the pichers of rose I scoffed at lunch time at the waiter's insistence, only to totter around all afternoon half asleep. I've also been searching writer's sites, writing my blog - how do we prioritise these days? Maybe you're more focussed than I am...hope someone is!
But I have got some books for sale on ebay. Now I'll have to go on every day to check on progress! Oh, well...Now I'll start on the gonomad article...

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