Sunday, 17 May 2009


On the road again in more than one way. Thanks to Antonia I feel encouraged to keep plugging away. Busy with researching a couple of articles and reading, reading, reading every spare mo. Just finished On Nefertiti Street, mostly about Egypt, and was quite startled to slowly realise this is the woman whose Ancient History texts I used when teaching Ancient History. Hmmm. Quite a woman! Also just finished The Spare Room by Helen Garner. Been wanting to read it for ages and was very moved when I did. Will write a book review of it for bookseraz.
Well, back to the packing...


  1. The book by Helen Garner has made me curious. I'll put it on my 'To Read' list.

    Happy packing & happy times wherever it is you're headed.

  2. At the mo I spend half my life in Brisbane and half 100klms north at the coast. Am fully moving to Brisbane in a coupla weeks.
    The Spare Room is a great book, very different. I've written my review and will send it on to bookersatz (yes, do spell it properly Denise.)


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