Wednesday, 2 March 2011

After the party...Crusade biz,

The Publication Parties are over. It's been seven weeks of following writer's journeys to becoming authors and I hope those of you who came along learned as much as I did. A warm thank you to authors Christine Bell, Clarissa Draper, Alex J Cavanaugh, Helen M Hunt, N.R. Williams, Lisa Maliga and Ann Best who gave generously of their time and expertise. During this series I have been too busy to take in all the advice/links that these wonderful authors provided, so I'm hoping to chill a little and do that in the next few weeks - as well as getting back to my myriad of writing projects. I have several short stories I'm about to submit, and two novels to complete. I'm glad I've got access to the wonderful Writers Knowledge Base too (link in the right sidebar), so I can access more info on the dreaded synopsis, pitch and query.

The final two winners of Publication Party goodies were - Jai Joshie - congratulations! who won the Synopsis critique by Ann Best and the Grand Prize was won by Tony Benson, a tireless blogger who came to every party and commented on every post. Congratulations Tony! I'm sure you'll share the goodies with your wonderful Margot.

So what I'm saying is you won't be seeing me as much as usual around the blogosphere, (cough, cough) but I'll still be around - Writing First, Blogging Later. I can never resist a blogfest (a great way to hone writing skills and to showcase a WIP). I have an entry in JC Martin's Race for Survival Blogfest. This will be published on my Flashquake blog on Friday (where I have the link). Then there is the Broken Heart Blogfest (link in my right sidebar) in a couple of weeks, and before long many of us will be heads down doing the A-Z Challenge. I'm publishing daily on my L'Aussie Travel Blog where I can showcase a different country, travel-related story etc. Looking forward to April 1 (I already have some posts prepared).

And finally..some blogging issues...

Lately many new followers aren't leaving a link back to their blogs.  The solution has already been thought through by the fearless Crusade leader, Rach at Rach Writes. She's written a marvellous detailed post about it today: Blogging tips: following blogs and making sure you can be followed (Part 1). If you're new to the blogosphere you will find this invaluable.

Another issue is that email is becoming the new 'comment'. Most bloggers write posts hoping other bloggers will read them and leave a comment so they can gauge reactions and at times get a conversation going regarding the point of their post. If you send an email instead it is just between you and the blogger; no one else gets to see what you think. If we all did this, there'd be no comments and posting would lose much of its purpose. I'm sure you've seen some bloggers who say 'I blog for comments.' Well, that's a big part of it. And the best way to comment (unless you have something private or unprintable to say) is to leave a comment at the end of a post.

On a brighter note, blogger is now offering more fonts (thank goodness!) and soon they're adding even more. So if you haven't been desperately digging around looking for something a bit larier than the few they had on offer, you can find these new fonts if you go into Template Designer, Advanced...

So if you got to the bottom of this post, please leave a comment.


  1. I've noticed the email thing too. Its better to have everyone in on the conversation. Hope you get a lot of writing done!

  2. I've been concerned, too, about the email thing. I've emailed a few times when it's something personal, but otherwise, yes, we all want/need comments on our posts. They can be any length, doesn't matter.

    Thanks again for hosting me and the other writers. I just emailed Jai Joshi a critique that I hope will be helpful.

    And Denise: Yes, now you should slow down and write your stories and novels. Blogger will still be here. Your followers will still be here. So do it!!!

    Ann @ Long Journey Home

  3. Raquel: Yes, I find it a trend which is growing. Thanks about the writing.

    Ann: Looks like it's not just me. It was a pleasure to host the party and I'm sure Jai will be thrilled. Ha, slow down? Good idea...but I do love blogging...

  4. *offers coffee, tea and cupcakes for the afterparty*

    I haven't had the email thing come up yet. Aside from Ann (hi Ann!) sending me an email about one of my comments, the only email I get is for DawnEmbers and that's because right now I have it set to email me when I get a comment on the blog. I just started checking the blog stats and it's interesting how entries with the most views don't get many comments. Then again, not many comments for me is like 0-5. 7 seems like many for mine. Maybe in the future 10 will be small numbers.

    Speaking of writing... *points to blog* I should get back to writing for MarNo. :-D

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winners. A great party Denise, though I came to it late. Good luck with your writing and submitting.

    I think the comments received on a post are very important and more often than not encouraging. To date I have emailed bloggers when I am unable to locate their blogs.

  6. Dawn: Yes, those blog stats tell a story. Most viewers don't leave a comment. I would be crestfallen if I got less than 20 per post. I must be greedy! Ha ha...

  7. Hi, Denise,



    Oh, I so wanted to win.... drats. BUt good for Tony, the Bensons are so sweet,

    Denise, I'm in Florida. I was at Wizarding World and posted some fun pics. If you LOVE HARRY you must stop by my blog before you hibernate.


  8. Michael: I will. Gotta head off to work now but I'LL BE BACK as Arnie would say. Hope you're having a great time Wizarding! There's a Sci-Fi convention happening in Sydney ATM too!

    Go Harry!


  9. I've been and I'm leaving footprints. :D Hope you get some stuff done while you're off.

  10. Great points! I've had a lot of e-mail responses of late as well. Not sure how I feel ...

    Can you directly respond to the e-mails, or is it a 'from the blog' thing? If I can directly respond, it might make it easier to get back to everyone. Right now I link-hop to all of the blogs from the comments form.

    I'll go check Rachs' tips.


  11. lol

    I'm hoping once my blog follower number gets to 200 that I'll have almost 10 comments on a regular basis.
    *crosses fingers*


  12. I wanted to tell you that your tireless work has paid off for me. I love my critique from N. R. Williams. She bled all over my first chapter and I couldn't be happier. ; ) I wouldn't have had a chance for such a useful crit without your blogfest and you also got me connected to the Crusade! Yeah, Denise!

    Now go write, lady. ; )

  13. Family matters kept me away so I missed the last two pub parties, but I went back and had so much fun reading them. Thank you for hosting the events! I'll be here to read whatever you blog whenever you blog! : )

  14. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for hosting such a lovely party. I learned a lot and found some great new blogs to follow!

  15. Sounds like you've been writing up a storm!

    I know what you mean about emails instead of comments. A personal email once in a while is lovely. But most of us do love getting comments at the bottom of our blogs.

  16. Congratulations to all these wonderful writers! That's so cool that you threw them a party! Did I miss the cake?

  17. Oh, and as for comments, they are the best! I love comments! When someone leaves a comment on my blog I try to return the favor by commenting on theirs rather than by just answering their comment via email. Which I know isn't what you were talking about but basically it boils down to the same thing, which is would you rather get an email or a comment?

  18. Congratulations to the winners!

    Passed you an award, fellow crusader!

  19. I always get to the bottom of your post, Denise...:)

    You have done so much, so yes, put those feet up and enjoy your well-deserved break.

    You are right, your guest Authors were very generous in sharing their experience, so we are all grateful to them, and to you for bringing them on.

    Take care, Denise

  20. Great idea to have bloggers leave posts just between themselves and the poster!

  21. Ann: I hope your writing is going well. Find that short story yet?

    JL: Thanks for leaving your prints! I will really hit the writing now.

    EJ: Yes you can respond directly to those comments, I always do hit reply and sometimes say how nice it would have been to leave a comment everyone can respond to, like we are doing here!

    Dawn: Well, I'm nearly 400 now (how did that happen? Oh, the crusade!) and as you see, 20 comments in a few hours. Aren't bloggers lovely!

    Zan: I'm so glad. I'm sure Nancy is a critiquer par excellence!

    Megan: I'm glad you enjoyed the other Pub Party posts. And thanks for your kind words.

    Kari: I think you also have a book somewhere over the ocean coming your way.

    Beth: Exactly!

    KarenG: Yep, all the cake's gone but it was a lovely party! I'll throw another one soon and send you a special invitation!

    And I'd rather get a blog comment than an email any day!

    Deniz: Thank you. So sweet. I'll be by!

    Grandpa: It's bloggers like you who make our 'sphere a great place Grandpa.

    Alleged Author: NOt quite sure which side of the fence you're on but as I said, if we all replied by email our posts would look naked and unloved (unfortunate allegory!)

  22. I'm not into the e-mail thing at all. I like to see all the relevant comments on a post cuz you never know what you might be missing out on.

    Gee you sound really busy Denise. It always feels good to me to know I have a lot to choose from. Two short story submissions? Awesome. I'll have to get by your quake blog this week.

    Now I'm off to visit Michael; I see he's got Harry Potter :)

    Have a good week.

  23. Donna: Just came from HP-ville. Awesome.

  24. I definitely prefer to post comments than to email! :)

    And yay, more fonts!! I love me some changing fonts.

  25. Trisha: Yep, I was so bored with the pathetic few on offer.

  26. Denise, you deserve a grand victory lap of your own in hosting the publication party. Excellent job, there was a great deal of good advice and information that came out of it.

    And thanks for my award!


  27. Excellent post, Denise! I'm going to enjoy wading through Tony's prize lol!

    Seriously, thank you for the parties, I have learned so much from them. Enjoy your writing time :-)

  28. Yey! (Doing happy dance). Thank you so much.

    Your publication party posts have been great, and I've enjoyed them all. Thank you for bringing us such intreresting and informative posts.

  29. Hi,

    Plain & Simple I don't do email - it's for private correspondence only.

    Blogging is about interaction: sharing info, fun things, and striking up discussions all can to contribute to.

    Thanks for the honoury RC link. ;)


  30. Good for you putting your writing first. That's the way it must be.

  31. hi miss denise! wow i had lots of fun at your parties and met some real cool people. hooray for all the prize winners! yikes! i didnt know you got so many blogs going. i could get lost trying to find you. ha ha. but for sure im gonna be like a bloodhound and find you no matter where you are. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  32. I think I'd only email if there was something i didn't want to embarrass someone with... the equiv of 'your skirt is tucked into your panties' type comment. And I miss stuff if my email gets too full of that kind of stuff. Blog comments i ALWAYS see!

  33. Email thing? I'm not sure I understand.

    I'm not a fan of emailing people or getting email on my comments. But, I usually comment on all posts I read.

  34. Yes I love to see the comments clock up at the bottom of my post, it gives a good amount of feedback and as you say conversation. :O)

  35. Jai, Margo, Tony: Thanks. I loved doing them and met some great people too!

    Francine: Definitely. Welcome honourory member.

    Carol: Yes, true, I'm going to really try.

    Lenny: You're lovely.

    Clarissa: The issue is people are emailing directly instead of leaving a comment at the end of posts - and my emails are getting out of control.

    Thank you again for sharing your journey with us.

  36. Hey, Denise, good luck with your writing. I really need to get with it too. Cheers.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  37. Madeleine: Right on.

    Nancy: Yep, get to it. My blogging time is up for now - off to the short story polishing.

  38. Hey Denise, congrats on the success of your Publication Party! I hope you do it again soon :)

    The emailing vs commenting is an interesting issue. I rarely email a blogger rather than leaving a comment, but I do respond to a comment by email if their profile shows their email address. I used to spend HOURS ever day responding to everyone's comment in my posts, and then I found out that most people don't subscribe by email to the comments or come back to read them. I'm planning to do a post on this one of these days, it will be interesting to get everyone's thoughts!

    Best of luck with your writing :)



  39. Thanks Rach. I know I rarely go back to see if the blogger has commented on my comment, but I try to do the right thing on my blog as some people do have their email alert up. If I'm really interested in what the reply was I'll go back. Be great to see you write up a post on this.


  40. I agree with Rach--not many people bother to come back to the post (gah! I certainly don't have time to) to read the comments, and that is sad that the response is never read. Some people read over everyone's comments, and that is kind of a "discussion"--enough of one for me. They can disagree with my post, or disagree/agree with each other. That's sort of "conversation."

  41. By the way, everyone has their own preferred way of blogging and commenting and handling their comments, so do whatever works for you!

    But I just had another thought, as I answered via email to one of my commenters--sometimes people wish to comment back, and say things they'd never say in public but that they would in an email. Plus, I've developed friendships and generated TWO valuable critique partners by connecting via email to my commenters. Rah!

  42. Okay, pardon the third comment, but I just have to say I DO know proper grammar; I just didn't proof well. Everyone is singular, so I should have said:

    "By the way, everyone has his/her own preferred way of blogging..."

  43. I don't do the email thing. And you will be missed!!!

  44. Carol: Oh, I started a big comment but you won't be back to read so no worries.

    Alex: I know you don't and you're very generous with your comments. Thanks! I'll be around...

  45. Good luck with your writing. Everyone needs an occasional break - Enjoy yourself!


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