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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale Blogfest! Dec 18

I want to thank Francine at Romancing the Blog for hosting the Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale Blogfest! This was a real challenge and I've learned a lot about fairy tales whilst researching this story!

I have posted my story on my Flashquake blog as it's paying double service as my #fridayflash fiction story for the week. The opening:

     ‘Cindy, please don’t go,’ the step-sisters begged.
      ‘I’m 18 years old! I’ll do what I want!’ Cindy snarled.

To read the rest of the story, go here

Oh! Just a moment! Before you go I'd like to wish you the happiest Christmas ever, lovely blogger buddies.

Now I hope you'll pop over to Flashquake to read my story and comment and maybe even follow me there if you like to read short fiction. I publish most Fridays.

Then click on Francine's link to read more twisted fairy tales...



  1. I went. I read. I followed. The one with the soldier....wow.

  2. I'll go check it the rest of the story but that opening made me grin all by itself.

    Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!


  3. Persephone...you've got a knack for names, Aussie:) As with Crafter, I'm a fan, and now pulling double duty following both your blogs!

    Great read, well done:)

  4. Merry Christmas Denise!

    And best wishes good health and happiness for the New Year.

  5. Alex: Thanks Alex!

    Coelene: And you too Colene!

    Elliot: I thought you'd like the look of flashquake!

    Grandpa: You too Grandpa!

  6. Merry Christmas from up top :) I'm heading over now to read.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Twisted fairy tales? Sweet! I'm going...

  8. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. I'll head on over to read your story!

  10. Reminder: Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest on Monday! Jen and I can't wait for your entry!

    Melissa's blog.

    Jen's blog.

  11. I'll go read, and follow. I love your shorts :)

    Oh, and merry christmas; happy new year, all thag good cheerie stuff.


  12. Jules: Thanks for stopping by!

    Lydia: Thanks for coming to the fest!

    Blogger formerly known as: Thanks!

    Helen: Thank you!

    Golden Eagle: Thanks for reading!

    Ellie: Thanks.!

    melissa: Haven't forgotten!

    Donna: Oh thank you!

  13. HiL'A W

    I read the first story but I will go back for more - thank you

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