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Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Christmas Tale Blogfest - Camping in the gorges of the Australian outback and a galah or two

Thanks to Ellie Garratt who is hosting the Christmas Tale blogfest. More details go here for more details and more entries.

I wracked what is left of my brain to come up with something as I've already posted one Christmas story. This time I thought I'd take you to the Australian Outback, red gorges, birds and camping.

The Kimberley Gorge WA

Many Aussies head off camping over Christmas - no snow to worry about here! So most camping grounds the length and breadth of the country are full of campers, some who go to the same spot every Christmas and join their extended camping family. Whether it's by the sea, by a billabong, out in the bush under the stars, you can be sure  many Aussies are 'roughing it' for Christmas. Some will eat 'bang up' meals, whilst others will bring along all the makings for a Christmas feast to share.

Now, those gorges I was talking about (there are many more):

Ormiston Gorge NT

      Ormiston Gorge NT

                                               Kakadu NT  

Stanley Chasm, Alice Springs NT

Red mounting scales of cliff lead the eye up;
but here the rock has spaces of tenderness
where light and water open its heart. A lip
of narrow green shows where the creek banks bless
a niche for trees and birds. So many birds!
Outside our tent they cross and recross our patch
of vision, hatch the air and double-hatch
in diving curves and lines.

A flock of Australian galahs

Judith Wright, Australian Colonial Poet circa. 1966


  1. Love the story and the pictures. Camping is one of my fave activities! Hope that you are keeping well,


  2. Not much of a camper....but that is stunningly beautiful!

  3. Typically, I'm not a camper, but I'd go just to see those amazing looking places, WOW!!!!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog; my sister needs all the prayers she can get.....

    I hope your weekend has been great!

  4. A lovely reminder that Christmas can be so different in other parts of the world to ours in the UK. Very enjoyable :O)

  5. Can I come and stay with you next Christmas? I want to go camping at Christmas!

    I loved your description of Aussies roughing it during the festive season and the accompanying photographs. Thank you for taking part!

  6. Great pictures! Never think about Christmas in summer, but it happens for you.

  7. The outbacks are beautiful, so are your photos Denise. I've been to the Kimberly region. Camping in Australia is always a joy. Fond memories for me...

  8. I love camping, but we only have the option to do it three months out of the year because it gets cold and snows here in wyoming. What a neat and different way to spend a holiday. Thanks for the pictures they are beautiful

  9. The pictures are so stunning. Camping outside among these beautiful views must be so much fun!

  10. Spaces of tenderness - this is beautiful, a great advertisement for the outback.

  11. Thanks all! I thought it would provide some welcome relief from the snow!

  12. wow, thanks for sharing this with a new england gal, lovely pics:)

  13. Howdy L'Aussie. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I've just had a squizz at yours and I have to say I drooled all over my keyboard when I visited your Pichets in Paris blog. Now that's my kind of Christmas holiday. I'm afraid when it comes to camping I'm a big wuss - to me camping is staying anywhere less than four stars!!! But I have to say your photos are gorgeous.

  14. Camping in December would be difficult here...too darn cold.

    I love the pictures, they are amazingly beautiful.

  15. mshatch: My pleasure.

    Elissa: Oh you didn't leave a comment on my pichetsinparis blog. But isn't it lovely? I prefer to do 4 star these days, but there is a new movement over in Oz, called Glamping, where it is equivilent to a 5-star hotel. My style of camping! Thx for following!

    Gail: thank you - thx for following!

  16. So that's what a galah is. Thanks. Heard the term but never knew quite what it was. Spectacular pics. Does NT stand for Northern Territory?

  17. Stephen, glad you now know what a galah is. Yes. NT means Northern Territory.

  18. Hi,

    Fab pics! So envious of sunny climes right now. It's bl**dy freezing here.

    And yeah, I'm bushed on blogfests. Mine on Sat and then I'm dropping out of blogfesting until New Year. I didn't join Jen's - too many at 60 to get through (way to many now) and I always make the effort to comment on every entry!

    Really looking forward to twisted tales coming up, and can't wait for Donna H's revenge on Cupid!


  19. Hey Francine, I've got a story for you on the twisted tales. Lkg fwd to it very much!

  20. I love camping and your descriptions are so evocative, I want to be there right now!

  21. It's my dream to come to Australia and get to know (what I can) the lay of the land. Amazing photos inspire dreams...thanks!

  22. Nice story, where did you get those wonderful photos? Have you been to all those places?

    take care

  23. Oh, this is gorgeous! You know, my daughter's favorite book series begins with camping over Christmas in the Australian outback, but somehow I hadn't managed this kind of glory in my image (though they are GREAT books: Tomorrow When the War Began is the first)

  24. Kimberly Gorge is Gorgeous! What a scenic country you have. I also love learning new words & now know what a galah is! You're so lucky to celebrate Christmas outdoors in the warmth! :)

  25. Oh wow! Love the pics and finding out about how so many Australians celebrate Christmas. I always think it's so lovely how different countries have different ways of doing things.

    You've made me want to visit these gorges and see those galahs.


  26. Margo: Thanks for stopping by and following. Glad you like the pics.

    Samantha: I hope you get here one day!

    Kangaroobee: I've travelled most of Australia and Stanley Chasm is one of my favourites!

    Hart: That is a wonderful series. Did you get to the movie?

    Rula: Thanks.

    Lisa: I won't be camping this Christmas. I'll be in my beach house!

    Jai: Galahs are gorgeous and can be taught to speak like a human.

  27. Awesome photos, merci! I've been to Uluru but not Darwin. Love to see some gorges in future.

    Fire and Cross

  28. I tell you if I don't move to Australia it is next on my visit list, its so beautiful.

  29. Oh Kakadu! I went hiking there for two weeks years ago, and I've been dying to get back ever since. It's like nowhere else on earth.


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