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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Announcing L'Aussie's Fair Dinkum Award! Did you receive one?

Ooooooh, aren't they cute?

Around NaNo time I posted some awards I'd received. I was really pressed for time and didn't pass them on, so I promised I'd create my very own L'Aussie Fair Dinkum Award. I said I'd award it to all commenters under my Award post.

Well, as you can see, I've created two! Choose the one you like the best to post on your blog! For those newbies, the quickest way to copy this award is to right click it, click on properties, then copy the http code. Any problems, just ask.

All of these bloggers are fair dinkum in that their blogs are always very interesting and creative. Some have been very fair dinkum to me in that they comment as often as time allows. Who can beat Joanna St James? Is she fair dinkum or what? I no sooner hit 'Publish' and Joanna's there! Now if the rest of us didn't worry about things like sleeping, we could do that too! Ha! Ha! Thanks so much to Joanna and all you lovely people for your support.

Please visit their blogs if you aren't already a follower. You won't be sorry!

My Lucky Commenters

List No 1

Joanna St James the bionic writer
Erica @ Hypothetically Speaking
Coelene Murphy @ The Journey
Ellie Garret
The Golden Eagle
Lynda Young @ WIP It
Elliot Grace @ So close but..
N R Williams Fantasy Author
Velvet over Steel
Christine @ Inwardly Digesting
Laura Eno @ A Shift in Dimensions
Julie Musil

My other Faithful Followers

List No 2

These guys didn't comment on my Awards post, (probably thrashing out their NaNo novel,) but they are VIPs to moi and I'd like to send this award skittering their way. Most of them constantly comment on my posts in a thoughtful way. Some don't comment so much, but I know they're there and they pop back to cheer me up every so often! A few are receiving this award just because they're Aussies and we Aussies know all about 'fair dinkum.'

Francine @ Romancing the Blog
Grandpa @ Life on the Farm
Rachel Harrie @ Rach Writes
Catherine @ Kangaroobee's Blog
Theresa @ the Substitute Teacher Saga
Jai Joshie @ the Tulsi Tree
Jeffrey Beesler @ World of the Scribe
Al @ Publish or Perish
Writer's Block NZ
Nomes @ Inkcrush
Cheryl @ Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush
Lisa @ Notes from Nadir
Lenny @ Lenny's World
Donna Hole
The Words Crafter
Pamela Jo @ There's Just Life
Amie Kaufman
Adina West @ Stairways and Landings

Sure, I know. You should have been on the list, but I thought I'd better stop somewhere. I will be sending this award to more of you in the future, as your name leaks back into my NaNo zapped brain. Be ready!


Recipients of this very first L'Aussie Fair Dinkum award are asked to:

  • leave me a comment on this post, telling me what you think Fair Dinkum really means in 30 words or less - not just in the blogging world, but in your whole world view. Do you know some fair dinkum people? Tell us about them. er, do you think Julian Assange is fair dinkum for example?
  • tell me why you think I chose these particular images to represent Oz
  • post on your blog, linking back to me if you're pleased to receive my award
  • pass the award onto the 'fair dinkum' bloggers in your life - as many/few as you like

    OPTIONAL: Write a blog post on your thoughts about being fair dinkum but please link back to me so I can read it!

Thank you all you fair dinkum bloggers out there!

L'Aussie Denise


  1. So funny L Aussie. I think the colors make it superbly Ozzy.

    I think fair dinkin (did I spell that right?) is anyone who is kind and thoughtful. The most fair dinkin person I know is my mom. But she doesn't blog. I'm gonna teach her though, cause she has some books to promote.
    I will share tomorrow...hows that for fair dinkin?
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. Oh no! I was hoping someone else had given their opinion of what Fair Dinkum meant! Ma'am. I have no idea! I'm assuming it's awesome as you wouldn't give out a bad award and all those bloggers whom you have awarded, I love to stalk! Sooo...Fair Dinkum meaaannnss....stalling....Good stuff? Okay that's all I got.

    Thanks so much! I Love it!! You rock! I will definitely pass this along!(as soon as I know what it means exactly so I can say!) Oz, for Kansas?

  3. Oh wow, thanks, L'Aussie!

    I'll have to consider what Fair Dinkum means now...


  4. L'Aussie, these are great!

    Fair Dinkum: genuine, real, honest.

    My hubby is Fair Dinkum (and True Blue). I'm on a blogging break at the moment, but I'm thrilled to be a recipient of your cool award! I'll go stick it on my side bar right away with a link to your site.

  5. oops i came late to the party! in my mind Fair dinkum would mean by golly give that woman a medal. Thank you for the award and shout out.
    I shall have an award ceremony for my special L'aussie award xoxo

  6. Nice awards - like the colors.
    I probably was still pounding out my NaNo novel at the time...

  7. Aaawwww, I'm so honored that you gave me this! It's beautiful!

    I hate I missed your awards post...yep, banging out the nano story.

    I have to admit, I cheated. I googled Fair Dinkum. And, after learning what it means, I'm even more grateful.

    My husband, my brother and nephew and their wives...they're all the real deal.

    And I must say, right back at you!

    Oh! Why you chose the pic? I'd guess because it represents the character of Aussie-land. Courageous, strong, enduring, rugged, and beautiful.

    Thank you again!!!!

  8. What a wonderful looking award! I think I will take your blog button for my sidebar. Have a great week.

  9. Thanks for the award! I think a dinkum is kind of like a snookum in the US, and a snookums is a term of endearment for a loved one. Or at least that's the way I perceive it.

    And yes, I've been a little occupied that I didn't get the chance to comment on your awards blog. Many sorries about that, but I'll make sure to link back to your page on my next blog (if I can take a minute to stop singing the twelve days of Christmas, which I believe I can for a fair dinkum.)

  10. Thanks for the award!! Doesn't "fair dinkum" mean to be truthful/honest? Something like that :) I'm afraid we don't use that across the ditch!

  11. You are so so sweet Denise! Thank you for the award, my second from you - the first was the 'star award' albeit indirectly.

    I must admit I don't read all posts by writers when they write about writing per se, neither do I feel qualified to comment on them, not being a writer myself. But I enjoy reading other fun stuff that writers write.

    As for 'fair dinkum' I'm at an advantage here as I lived in Australia for a while, hence had breathed and lived the spirit of fair dinkum - it's about truth, honesty, and about being fair, really - which I think is what Australia and all Aussies are all about!

  12. A BIG Thank you for the lovely award. How appropriate for me - originally an English Midlands girl as according to what I've read "dinkum" was from there meaning "work". Fair dinkum then became a fair days' work and moved to fair play. It strated in the Australian Goldfields and may even have been with the Chinese there, meaning "true Gold". Now we think of it as honest, genuine, a great person. Hmm may have exceeded my word limit now - blame Nano! Most fair dinkum person I've met recently is an ex ambo organising a local first responder group to save us until the ambulance eventually arrives! Colours in your award - very aussie and very goldfrields! Many thanks again, I'll post but may take a day or two. PS Love some of the comments and will resist saying to WritersblockNZ that there may not be fair dinkum people across the ditch - cause I know a few beauties from NZ! Hugs to you.

  13. Nancy: Thanks for being so prompt! I love the sound of your mum, and yes, fair dinkum if all about being honest, kind, thoughtful. Great attributes!

    Colene: Ha Ha, got you! The Wizard of Oz! Good one!

    Jai: I'll leave you thinking...

    Lynda: Thanks, oh fair dinkum one.

    Joanna: You crack me up!

    Alex: Please take one!

    Words Crafter: I love you take on the pic - beautiful!

    Clarissa: You're welcome to an award if you'd like it!

    Jeffrey: You crack me up too!

    Writers Block: No, it is a dinkum Aussie term. Not sure what the Kiwis use...

    Grandpa: Thanks for the fair dinkum words. You're great!

    Cheryl: I think of you as a fair dinkum Aussie! Thanks for the history lesson. I always love to hear a bit about the ole days...

  14. Hi Denise,
    Thanks mate!
    As Dinkum has already been well and truly been explained I guess I don't need to put in my 5 cents worth.
    Thanks for the award!
    Good idea to create your own!

  15. That's most awesome Denise. I'll have to be back to pick it up and write my piece.

    Ooohh, this is exciting.


  16. Hi,

    Oooooohhh! Wow!

    I'm a fair dinkum Pom, and an Aussie says so. That's an accolade mate, considering our cricket team's batting like warriors from hell over in OZ right now. ;)

    Thanks very muchly!!!


  17. Damn, forgot to mention the beach hut in Alice Springs (assuming that's it) - the heartland of OZ. ;)

  18. Fair dinkum? People who are faithful in their support. For bloggers, it's the regular commenters. If I write a down post, some are kind enough to e-mail me to check how I'm doing.

    Am I over the word count?

    Thanks for thinking of me with this award.

  19. Oooh - what an awesome award! i love it :) i can't decide which little award looks the funkiest...

    Fair Dinkum - genuine. It's true blue awesomeness.

    Loved reading other peoples replies stumbling over the meaning, LOL.

    nano craziness, hey :)


  20. Thanks so much for the award Denise.

    I thought Fair Dinkum meant sure enough or okay and perhaps cool, but my travelling hubby is much more in the know. You can say it if someone has done a good job, possibly not to them more in reference to them.

    Oh and he told me to say this:
    I've been so busy with my writing projects, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking. ;)

    Thank you!

  21. Thank you, Denise! I had no idea what fair dinkum meant, until I cheated and saw your definition in the comments. ;)
    As to the picture itself - I think you picked a hotel out by itself to represent the hospitality of Australians and a welcoming nature.

  22. Hey Denise, thanks so much for my award :) I love the design, I wonder if you took that picture yourself? Seeing the lovely pink of the sky makes me all nostalgic for some of the outback scenery that I miss by living in Sydney!

    You've had some great definitions of "fair dinkum" (and some that made me chuckle as well). I guess it always means genuine and true blue for me. In terms of blogging - someone who's a true blogging friend/supporter rather than someone putting their own promotion as number 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the list :)

    Am so happy I've gotten to know you :)


  23. Love your awards and sorry for missing the previous posts. I posted about my Google Reader problems today.

    I'll do better in the future :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  24. A lovely Award to bestow on your fellow bloggers ... Congrats to all the nominees :)

  25. What a super-cool Aussie award. I love it. Thank you!

    What does Fair Dinkum mean to me? It means an all round nice, honest, and caring person. Someone who I could trust with my life.

    Why did you choose the picture? I think the ranch house, horses, and beautiful atmospheric sky are exactly what people see when they picture Australia.

  26. So glad to be back. I saw your award on Nancy Williams' blog just now and came over. I lost track of my followers when my blog crashed and I had to do a new one. Step by step I'm getting the ones I want to follow back.

    Your blog is SO lovely. And that last award is wonderful. I'm spending some time this morning meeting new bloggers, so thanks for these links. There are a few I don't know.
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  27. Oh, thank you for this beautiful award. I think fair dinkum means true or genuine. Dare I mention Rolf Harris? First heard the phrase from him on British TV years ago.

    Did you choose the image because of the importance of ranching in Brisbane? I remember you once had a blog header of cowboy boots and hooves....

    I'll put this on my blog tomorrow. Thanks again.

  28. I think a Fair Dinkum is a person who has your back--whether it be in small shows of support, a word here or there, that they do something that says that they care.

    Probably the most fair dinkum that I know is my mom. She always has interesting ideas, insights, ideas, and she's the best person I know all around. :)

    I have a post going up tomorrow, and I'll mention the award then!

  29. Al: Gidday mate, pleased you like it.

    Donna: I hope all goes well.

    Francine: Well, my girl, y'know how you're not s'posed to mention the war, well YOU'RE NOT S'POSED TO MENTION THE CRICKET! It's so not cricket! Like, crikey, woz rong with these Aussie blokes? Can't hit a ball or catch one for cryin' out loud! The only good Aussie when it comes to sport is a winner! They'll be run outta the country if they don't spark us. Trouble is, ya nevah know what game they're playin'. Last I heard they still had a chance to grab it off the Poms!

    Got that off my chest. Now, well, er, Alice Springs is 1000 kilometres in every direction away from a beach, ha ha gentle British soul. The pic is a pub (THE most important icon to most Aussies, and it is in South Australia not my Queensland (not that we don't have plenty of pubs in the outback here!) Just liked this one, with the sunset, the horse, the isolation, lovely!

    Good try though!

    Hoo roo!


  30. Theresa, Oh I feel ashamed I've never emailed you but I've tried to keep emailing out of my blog world until recently when bloggers used all sorts of sleuth techniques to find mine. I now publish it, so feel free.

    I hope all goes well for you now.:)

    Nomes: Yes, hasn't it been a hoot reading the guesswork!

    kangaroobee: Hilarious! Love it! Tell your husband I've been flat out like a lizard drinking too. He knows his stuff when it comes to Aussie slanguage.

    Laura: You are pretty much spot on with your interpretation of the pic. See my reply to Francine.

    Rachael: I'm so pleased I've gotten to know you too cobber. I've loved the guesses. Would you believe I haven't been to Sydney for over 20 years! And I agree with you about fair dinkum bloggers. It's okay to promote but you musn't just use people and move on never to return again!

    Jules: Hi! I've been across to your blog and commented.

    Joanne: Oh, thank you!

  31. Ellie: You are spot on with your summation. We call them 'stations' in Oz, not 'ranches.' Same thing though!

    Ann: I've been across to you this morning. Francine's link is incorrect. I must fix it.

    Chris: Glad you like it. Thanks for coming by.

    Christine: You're pretty close. As I've said in Francine's answer, it is a pub in South Australia, not near Brisbane, though we have plenty just the same. Just liked this pic with its sunset, horse, tranquility, isolation...

    Hey Golden Eagle: You are pretty spot on! Fair dinkum even!

  32. Thank you for this Fair Dinkum award! You are so sweet.

    Ok, I have no idea what Fair Dinkum means. Is it an Aussie thing? Could it be that it's named after a writer? Hmmm. And the picture, maybe it's a famous place located in the outback? Help!

  33. Thank you so much for the award, it was very kind of you to think of my blog! The award is on my THANKS! page. :)

  34. Okay, okay I cheated...I looked it up on google. You are fair dinkum in my book. Everyday I seem to met more and more fair dinkum bloggers, and Aussies.
    Love the award I will display it proudly.
    I have been reading so much and getting ready for Christmas that I haven't been writing. But I am going to try to get back of schedule. I miss it and your comments.

  35. Julie: Fair dinkum means someone who is absolutely reliable, honest. The pub is not particularly famous - we have hundreds that look just like this in the Aussie outback - this one is in South Australia. I liked the horse, the sunset and the typical wide open spaces.

    Lisa: Thanks for being thankful.

    PJ: I've missed you too although I know I've missed a story or two of your #fridayflash. What a busy time of year but I'll be doing blogfest after blogfest!

  36. Sorry I'm a bit late getting to this one - not much time for the blog this week!

    Thanks so much for the beautiful award. The pic is great. I'm from rural Australia but thankfully coastal, not the dry beyond you show here (though some of Western NSW's dry areas are in danger of flooding right now...)

    Loved reading everyone's definitions, especially the non-Aussies.

    It's been said before of course, but the simplest definition for fair dinkum is 'true blue'. Two words. Yep. Reckon I showed 'em. Gob smacked by that, aren't you, eh, you lot? Bloody oath!


  37. Congrats to the awardees.

    Fair Dinkum? I guess I've always thought it meant. 'You've got a point there, I can't argue with that'

    So since you had to stop somewhere with awarding I guess the answer would be 'Fair Dinkum'. ;O)

  38. So is fair dinkum an Australian phrase? or is it your own invention? lol I'm curious. I would guess it means a good friend.. maybe a person who likes to share or be supportive? : ) Or maybe not. Either way, thanks for the award!

  39. Adina, Madeline and Erica: Looks like I had you guessing!

  40. I was off fighting the Battle of NaNo!

    I'm loving seeing the guesses going on. To me, being fair dinkum means that what you see is what you get.

    Thanks for the award, love it!


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