Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Winter Strolling Around Brisbane

I needed a break from all the writing, so I decided to go for a lovely stroll on Sunday. Was another perfect winter's day here in Brisbane (26.5 degrees Celsius/79 degrees F), so the great outdoors were calling. I've enjoyed the occasional photo essay from blogger friends, so I thought I'd share my day with you. Grab a coffee or tea and join me...

We really do have kangaroos in the street Down Under, so my first stop was to make sure they had their winter woollies on.

Then it was across to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), just across the river, to catch the last day of the Ron Mueck exhibition. Luckily I'd bought my ticket online as the queues snaked all the way through the Cultural Centre. Mueck is a London-based Australian artist. If you ever get a chance to see his scarily lifelike sculptures, you'll be blown away by his talent. So astounding. Being an Aussie, I'll put up his man on air mattress. Everything was perfect, right down to the odd scuff on the knee.

After the exhibition it was time for a coffee and French pastry with my friend Sarah. Rather yummy.

To walk off some of the above, we strolled through the graceful bouganvilla walk on South Bank. The light and shade was beautiful.

Then a lovely breather in the Botanical Gardens at South Bank.

Looking up, I saw a splendid little gum (eucalyptus) tree, so very Australian.


Can you feel the sunshine
Warm upon your skin?
I am the very sun itself,
The love you feel within.
Nearly home, I decided I needed more sun, so I sat in my favourite nook in the bridge near my digs, watched the sparkling water, the ferries, inhaled the peace, then caught up on the latest stories in That's Life Magazine. Unfortunately, none of mine were in this issue. Several of my blogger friends' stories were. I was chuffed to see their names. Rule Brittania!


Home again. I enjoyed a tantalising champagne with hibiscus flower and syrup on the deck. No better way to end a winter's odyssey.

We all need a break from quill and pen sometimes. How do you spend a glorious winter's day? Or summer's day?


  1. Your day sounded perfect and the pictures where great. Thanks for taking us along.
    I usually spend mine outside as well in the garden or walking in the woods.

  2. how funky are those kangaroos? love it!

  3. Pamela jo, yes it's lovely to have a perfect day occasionally. Nothing like the garden, either, but I don't have one here in the apartment..:)

    Nomes, yes, love those kangas..:)

  4. 26 degrees! Serious! omgosh! Please send some warmth down here to Sydney! I'm freezing in only 14 degrees.
    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  5. Lynda, yes the weekend was amazing. Unfortunately, today I think we share strong winds with you in Sydney, but it is still beautifully sunny here in Qld!!

  6. Your day sounds like it was bliss! Yes, a day like that will certainly re-charge the batteries. Great pictures.

  7. I enjoyed going on your walk with you. Ron Mueck is brilliant. I saw an exhibition of his a few years back in Sydney and really enjoyed it. I love the kangaroos. How cute are they with their jumpers? Such good photos!

  8. What lovely photos. I haven't been to Australia but it would be wonderful to see it someday.


  9. Julie: Glad you enjoyed your walk and the pics..:)

    Selma, yes Mueck is brilliant! And so are the kangaroos..:)

    Clarissa: Australia is a great place to visit. Hope you get here one day..:)

  10. Oh, I so loved joining you on your Sunday walk. I should love to see those bouganvillas and I wouldn't mind a bite at one of those delicious looking pastries. Great to have access to art, too.

    I walk up the road and say 'good afternoon' to the cows, after a writing morning.

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loved the Roos' in winter woollies!

    Great pics, and the Bougainvillaea walk, amazing. They have such exotic and delicate blooms, but no scent. I've had it growing in the conservatory for something like five years and this year it decided to go wild with blooms. To counteract lack of perfumed blooms I have a pink tinged summer jasmine intertwined with it, which so compliments the vibrant purple B.

    Oh, and up the driveway there's a Eucalyptus tree standing some 50ft +, it sheds seeds but no saplings as a result: waving its penny-like leaves way above the conifers. So, I do have a touch of Aussie exotic in my garden, and have often thought about buying a fluffy Koala (toy) to pin high up on the trunk when the granddkids come to visit. Such a tease is me!

  12. Christine: Sounds like bliss to have cows!

    Francine: You're such a tease. The bouganvilleas go for kilometres. Gorgeous. So you even have an eucalyptus. Surprising how many countries grow them. I can just see the cheeky little koala up in its tree.

  13. Sounds like you had a great day! Yummy pastry :)

  14. Oh, I haven't been to Brisbane for years - this was very nice. Thank you:)

  15. What a wonderful day you had. I love the kangaroos in their winter woollies!

  16. That champagne is simply beautiful! (you did drink it, though, right? ; ) )

    I've tagged you over on my blog, go check it out!

  17. I like the boy & girl kangaroos wearing their sweaters. Doesn't look very wintry there!

    Glad you had a wonderful time. I sure enjoy your pictures & I like visiting your fine country online but hope to go there for real someday.

  18. Jenni: Thank you, glad you enjoyed...:)

    Aubrie: A great day and the pasty was outstanding..:)

    Alexandra: Hope you enjoyed your visit..:)

    Helen: It was a smashing day and aren't the kangas cute..:)

    Tessa: The champers was outstanding..:)

    notesfromnadir: I hope you visit one day..:)


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