Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blog Breakout - Please take a peep

Just a quick newsflash to say that I now have 4 blogs in case you haven't noticed! For my followers on L'Aussie Writing you've probably seen that I've undergone several changes as I've sorted out my focus and gone from a thinker to a cowgirl, yee haa. I can't promise my look will never change again. Already those trees appear a little dull...and there's just so many cute skins out there. Hmm...

So here is a brief description of my blogs:

  • L'Aussie Writing - right here - my everyday writing blog, flash fiction, story excerpts, writerly bits and pieces
  • Pichets in Paris - my French indulgence - Paris/France/European photos, travel stories, history, French-style decorating and information blogs
  • L'Aussies Travel Blog - photos, stories, links about Australian/Asia Pacific travel
  • Muscular Dystrophy Blog - information, stories, links regarding disability and MD in particular. Trying to raise awareness of this degenerative disease.
So I hope you'll pop over and take a look at my other blogs and consider following. All my blogs can be accessed by the 'My Other Blogs' link at the top of L'Aussie Writing.

There's more...if any of you just happen to be interested in antique stationary engines (or know someone who is,) my husband Geo has got in on the act and has started a blog called New Way Station, where he is hoping to meet fellow enthusiasts of these ancient engines. Hey, he's even got demos off youtube!

Thanks, lovely people.


  1. Wow, how do you keep them up! I have check them out before, but I will again.

  2. Clarissa, thanks for checking them out. Yes, it is a pretty full-time job but I have mornings off to blog and write...D

  3. Wow, seems like a whole lot of work, but as long as you enjoy it, then go for it.

  4. Summer, I do enjoy it or I wouldn't do it..:D

  5. I like the new look. And my goodness I don't know how you are able to maintain so many blogs. I have a hard enough time with just 2!!

  6. Lynda, glad you like the new look..:D

  7. I have an addiction to skins myself, so I'm always messing with them. I'm combining blogs myself to lessen my work. More power to you for keeping up with yours! :)

  8. Hmmmm, four blogs....either you're cloned or you got more than one personality! Just kidding, I'm in a 'nothing serious' mood. I love to read about travels and look at pics, I'd never paid attention. I'm going to have to make some time to do just that. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Joy, hey it's a labour of love. How can you use those lovely skins with only one blog? Sure it's a lot of work but I make time..:D

    WordsCrafter: Hey, dreaming about travel and looking at pics sure beats playing solitaire when you're stuck for words. Hope you'll get the time to visit and enjoy..:)

  10. Okay I thought I was crazy when I started 3... I'm still not sure I am totaly sane, but what the heck. I have check out 2 of the other blogs.
    Since I had a cousin with MS that is the first one I looked at. I tried to follow it but was told address was to long. Probably a glitch on my end. I will try again.
    Do you ever sleep, I know I sometimes dream in blog format.

  11. I'm up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep and feeling I ran over to your travel blog. I skimmed through the photos (great shots, btw) and came to the tourism post. OMG that's funny! I'll be back for a more in depth read...gotta get me a hat in case of some drop bears, LOL!

  12. Pamela Jo: Yeah, I dream about blogs that's 'cause I spend so much time/engergy on creating them. Maybe they'll invent a new disease, blog-sickness, hee hee..:D

  13. Words Crafter: Glad you had a trawl through the travel blog. That tourism article always cracks me up big time!

  14. Hi,

    The word Masochism comes to mind!

    4 blogs, yee gods!

    2 maybe for moi - one clean, one smutty perhaps - but 4, that would be purgatory. I'd never get anything done in a day and would feel as though chained to the laptop. ;)

    ps, will get around to other of your blogs.

  15. Francine, you're such a crack up. Once they're set up (and I hope they are pretty much now, phew) it is all plain sailing, hee hee..:) Well, chained to the laptop etc...


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