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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Look out! Handwriting Tag! I've never been blog-tagged, have you?

G'day! As our fingers are made for tapping rather than grabbing a pen and paper these days, some bright spark came up with this tag. You have to actually WRITE IN PEN ON PAPER! Phew! Well, I actually love to write longhand (is that what it's still called?) so Tessa at Tessa's Blurb, I really don't mind being tagged. Unfortunately, there's always rules! Here is what I (and you if I tag you) have to handwrite:

1. Your name/Blog's name
2. Are you right-handed or left-handed?
3. What are your favorite letters to write?
4. What are your least favourite letters to write?
5. Write: "The quick, brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
7. Your favorite song lyrics are?
8. Make sure you tag 7 people to join in on the fun. =)
9. Tickle your fancy and add a special quip for us to enjoy. =)

9. So I forgot this one. Back to typing. A quip: Well, not really, I'm in a rush. And I love to bend the rules. Here's a few lines from a bubbly little poem:

Can you hear the stream flow
Forever running free?
My laughter's in the ripples
And bubbles eternally

So there's nowhere to hide. I hereby tag the following lovelies:

1. Loveablehomebody Ashley Ashbee
2. Flutey Words - Aubrie
3. Helen M Hunt - Fiction is Stranger than fact
4. Selma @ Selma in the city
5. Francine @ Romancing the blog
6. Pamela Jo @ Theres just life
7. Inkcrush - Nomes

So, go on now. Accept the tag and get writing!


  1. Wow, you have really cool handwriting. I wish I could study it and figure what people are like though it. However, I think it's a dying art. People just don't write much anymore.


  2. Clarissa, yes, a shame. Thanks for the comment re my handwriting. Apparently you can tell a lot about someone by their handwriting..:) Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to do this.

  3. Once in a while, a group would set up in the mall and you could have your handwriting analyzed. It was fun. Yours looks like some notes written by a movie producer....like they use in commercials-really cool.....

  4. What a funny tag! You do have cool handwriting, as Clarissa said.

  5. oh - i like this :) Thanks for tagging me. I love seeing people's handwriting - not sure why?

    And I love your favourite lyric line. I'll have to think about what mine will be? Maybe something from Powderfinger, I love their lyrics :)

  6. Thanks for tagging me! What cool writing you have. Love the loopyness. :)

  7. Thanks for tagging me. I agree handwriting is a dying art. I do love to pick up a pen and paper just don't seem to have the time. Now I have the perfect excuse, though my handwriting is not as pretty as yours.

  8. I love your scrawl! It's pretty.

  9. What a brilliant imaginative idea. My handwriting is dreadful but I d think it's sometimes good to reconnect with it.

  10. Hi,

    I've cheated!

    The last time I tagged 5 bloggers for an award only 3 accepted it!

    So I've invited anyone who drops by to join in the fun. ;)

  11. Words Crafter: Thanks. Not that I wish I were a movie producer lol..:)

    Laura: Thanks..:)

    Nomes: Go Powderfinger! ARe you going to their final concert?

    Aubrie: Looking fwd to seeing yours..:)

    Pamela Jo: Lkg fwd to seeing yours..:)

    Amanda: Thanks!

    Helen: Yes, definitely a dying art..:)

    Francine: You're such a rebel..:)

  12. I can't read my handwriting nor can anyone else--ever since I had a baby!

  13. Wow, that's great handwriting.

    My handwriting sucks. The only people that can read it is me and my English teachers over the years.

    It's a good thing my fingers are glued to the keyboard most of the time when I work on my novel and blog.

    I'm glad I started following your blog

  14. I like your handwriting too. This sounds like a lot of fun. I will definitely join in!

  15. Love your handwriting. I wonder what it says about you? I reckon it says you are a creative person who likes to travel and write and blog. Wow! We can learn so much from handwriting ;)

  16. Terri: Having babies can do strange things to us, but I've never heard it changes your handwriting!

    John: As a teacher I've read some pretty bad handwriting. I understand. You may well ask who needs it anymore. Thanks for the follow.

    Selma: Glad you're joining in.

    Lynda: My mother once had my handwriting analysed and it said I should be a secretary! I think it shows creativity too!

  17. I really like your handwriting! It looks like the perfect mix of orderly and whimsical :)

  18. Cruella: Thank you. I've been amazed at the comments liking my handwriting..:)

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