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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Blog Takeover Day - Wednesday August 11th - a different kind of blogfest

Sally Quilford from over at Quiller's Place had this great idea to celebrate her birthday. It's not the first time she's run this Blog Takeover day. Due to its success she does it every year. I've decided to take part so watch out for a funky post tomorrow, Wednesday! Here's the details in case you'd like to participate. Please do. The more the merrier!

Sally says:

I've been reading The Lost Blogs, which is a funny book about the lost blogs of famous historical folk (didn't know Moses kept a blog? Well you do now) Now obviously I can't call my little challenge the 'lost blogs' idea as I'd get sued...

So I'm calling it Blog Takeover Day, and inviting everyone to join me, for one day only, in letting someone else take over your blog for the day on Wednesday 11th August. Now this doesn't mean handing the keys to someone else and letting them post and have access to all your blogger files. What it means is you posting a blog post on your blog 'written' by someone other than yourself.

  • Someone famous (and I'd stick to dead to avoid law suits if I were you), or
  • A fictional character you've created (perhaps to promote something you've got published?).
  • It can be set in the past or future(I realise the date stamps on blogs won't show that, but you could probably allude to various things in the blog post to show it is in a different era).

The important thing is that it's not you. It's up to you whether you put up one long post or a series of posts throughout the day, as long as they're by your chosen person and not by you. It's also up to you whether you use 50 words or 500 words. Of course, when you revert to posting as yourself again is entirely up to you.

The only rule is that it must have all the makings of a proper blog post, not a short story, so you/your chosen character might allude to their earlier blogs (which you don't have to write, don't worry), they might link to other sites, or share pictures. But they're only giving a snapshot of their lives. In short, a genuine looking blog post.

Then send the link to me (that is Sally, use the link at the top,) either in the comments on my blog or by email to squilford(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll put them altogether in one post and send peeps your way. Naturally I won't link to anything sexist, racist, homophobic or hate-fuelled of any kind etc, unless it's clear from the blog post that those prejudices/behaviours are being condemned.

So, remember, Wednesday 11th August 2010 is Blog Takeover Day. Join me in helping to put some smiles back on a few faces. If for some reason you want to take part, but can't do it on Wednesday, don't worry. Join in anyway, when you can and still send me the link. Or if you don't have a blog but have been directed here from my Twitter page, what about doing a Twitter Takeover Day? (it's given me an idea to combine the two).

I know it's short notice, but just think of it as the bit of fun it is, and not a serious writing project.

So bloggers, would you like to be someone else for the day?


  1. hi miss l'aussie! for me that takeover is sort of confusing so im not gonna try it. but i hope you get lots of people who do it cause it sounds like it could be a fun thing to do.
    ...smiles from lenny

  2. Lenny, sure it sounds a bit confusing but it'll be good..:)

  3. Thanks for the plug, L'Aussie!

    Lenny, it's not that confusing honestly. Watch what we do tomorrow and it will all become clear. Or there are some links on my blog to past Takeover Days. I hope you enjoy reading, even if you don't take part :-)

  4. Hi! Lovely blog! Thanks for joining mine--it will be fun to follow each others travels.

    Have a great day!

  5. It sounds like a lot of fun. I might try it unofficially on one of my character blogs. My characters have been known to go into revolt and stop talking. A blog post might be just the thing to shake some thoughts and ideas loose.


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