Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Embrace e-books embrace blogland - looking for authors!

Thanks to Francine from Romancing the Blog who put me onto this new e-Romance publisher who is actively seeking authors!

New Romance E-Publisher getting set to hit the Internet Spring 2011. Taking submissions NOW!


With two heat settings . . .

UK Based - Embrace Publishing is aimed at romance readers and writers.

Set up by editor at Salt Publishing (Jane Holland) who also targeted HM&B as an author. Her mother being the late Charlotte Lamb of M&B fame!

There are two imprints:

Red Velvet and After Dark

Red Velvet guidelines: 50-60K (word count)
Sexy Sophisticated Romance
Categories: Contemporary, Historical, with feisty heroines and believable Alpha males. Contemporary, historical, paranormal.
No millionaires required. British settings and characters welcome, but not essential.
Sexual content required, but should not be overly explicit.
Same sex novels are welcome.etc.

After Dark guidelines:


Hotter romance and erotica
Open to more unusual storylines within contemporary, historical, paranormal and same sex storylines.
Must include explicit sex, which in some cases may be central to the plot.

Novellas are welcome in both lines and across all categories, up to 25K

So Guys and Dolls get your manuscripts polished and press send!

Click on the badge on the top right of my sidebar for more details on submissions.

Good Luck!


  1. I'm not a romance writer, but I did read lots of Charlotte Lamb when I was younger. I didn't know that she had passed away. I'm sad now... :(

  2. Sorry that you learned this news so casually..:(

  3. Oh, please don't feel's really been a long time...was the same way with Kathleen Woodwiss....

  4. I too read a lot of Charlotte Lamb books among others. I more of a reader than I writer, but I always wanted to be one. The closes I've come is my English Lit. papers and my blog. But who knows...

  5. You are a writer if you're writing, There's just life. I blogged about this a little while ago..:)

  6. Thanks for posting info!

    I think Jane deserves a boost for kicking HM&B ass!!!

    She writes well herself and even though her mother was published by M&B the company are apt of late to leave writers dangling on nine month submission waits and even then often no word from them.

    Like all established publishers they have a "list" of writers and a limit to how many new authors they take on in any one year.

    Last years 2009 "Presents" comp was indicative of what they're looking for, one of the contestants then put through the grinder on rewrites etc., and no publishing contract because her full only just sent off.

    Backend of last year several of us forced HM&B into publishing the winning entries on the Harlequin blog. How did we achieve that? By posting messages to say we'd published our entries on our blogs to give insight into why we didn't get placed!! I won't comment on what did get placed it wouldn't be fair, other than to say one aired chic-lit and didn't fit HM&Bs own guidelines!

    Hence Jane's new enterprise.

    The recent historical comp was a joke! I shall say no more, and Jane entered that.


  7. Francine, I hope Embrace (Jane) does well. I have a colleague who was published by HM&B and the payment was chicken feed. No wonder people are going the self-pub route..:)


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