Sunday, 10 April 2011

A to Z Challenge - H is for Haiti, I is for Ibiza

My pre-scheduling mucked up and my Monday's post, I is for Ibiza posted over my H is for Haiti. I really hope more of you can go to L'Aussie Travel and read my H is for Haiti post. Grr, sometimes pre-scheduling is an embarrassment, especially since my Ibiza post was only in draft form. On the bright side, Monday's done.

For those of you who came looking for my Byronic Hero post, it's the next one.


  1. This A to Z Challenge seems to rattling some people. It must not be easy to post, finding the right letter every day.

  2. I could never do this A-Z challenge, this is so hard! So go Haiti : )!

  3. My pre-scheduled posts keep dropping from scheduled to draft - annoying!

  4. If I could even make the scheduling thing work, I'd be happy as a pig in...never mind. Off to read about Haiti.

  5. I couldn't work out what had happened to my scheduled post, then realised they use the American version of the dates. (bit slow here!) Given what I've read above, I think I'll stick with manual posting. Sue@JumpingAground (alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  6. Ohh, no wonder, my scheduled posts don't publish! I have to go and manually publish it.

  7. I've never tried scheduled posting!

    Touching on Sue's comment there, if you were to put 9-4-11 your post will appear on 4th September! lol!

    Life on The Farm

  8. ...Haiti is much deserving of this honor and a whole lot more.

    Hey L, thought you should've inspired me to purchase my first Pat Conroy novel off Ebay today. Looking forward to the read:)



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