Monday, 5 October 2009


Well I changed the definition of time out alright! Phew! Been a long time between blogs, tweets, facebook status updates etc etc. Life does get in the way doesn't it? I feel like I'm missing a hand, though, as even though I've had a quick look at what all you other creative people have been doing and enjoying a quick peek through your blogs, I just haven't felt like I've had anything to say. Ever felt like that? Settling in to city life, finding too many shops to hit, not to mention relocating my private tutor business. Now I feel like I'm getting my act together for the mo' and will be blogging on a regular basis again, hopefully. Not that I still feel like I have much to say but it is good discipline isn't it? I also feel like a bit of a gate crasher at a party with all you English geerls I follow and you all seem so witty and upwardly mobile. I feel like I'm travelling on a bit of a tranquil pond and have a lot of rowing to do...til next time and I hope it's not months this time!
Truth be told I'm reading petite anglaise's book based on her blogging life (which is about to come to a halt!) and it got me rather missing my blogging life (even though it's very mediocre compared to petite's! and thank God for that...I also got a quick non-writing-related mention in our local rag re a big bridge opening (which starts in my street so makes jogging easy as it links to the cultural hub of town!) so that got my journalistic juices flowing (or trickling) too!


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