Thursday, 8 October 2009


Well I am really missing Paris but that 20 hour plane trip is hideous, so where does an Aussie go when she needs to practise her waning French, munch baquettes with egg-shell crusts, spread slices with runny cheese, and pop a grape into her mouth while reaching for a chilled glass of bubbly? And only a 2-hour flight away? New Caledonia of course. Haven't visited before, but Lonely Planet assures me the hype is correct and Noumea is bursting with French-style food albeit at Parisien prices (as lots of it is shipped from the mother country), daily fresh food markets and little boutiques and French names for streets (or should I say Rues?) Gastronomic anticipation aside, I was delighted to read that New Cal (or NC) has a thriving writers' community of successful authors. Hope I get to meet some. It'll be inspirational to chat in Franglaise to kanaks and expats. November, roll on...
I'm even booking my accommodation in the Quartier Latin! Beat that!

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