Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge - what have you been reading?

Hi friends!

I finally got all the glitches sorted and have signed up for the year's reading challenge. I've made a fine start in January, reading a heap of books already while on holidays. Of course, not all are on Goodreads, so I've only been able to add 10 so far. You can click here if you'd like to see what I've been reading...I hope they'll let you view it.

I also started the year by re-reading for the gazillionth time my favourite book of all time, Beach Music by Pat Conroy. This book is a love poem to two different cultures--that of Rome and North Carolina. I'm thrilled by Conroy's deft laying out of the treads of his characters' lives, then drawing these threads together like a professional fisherman. The humour is black as you'd expect in a book that examines death close up and personal experiences of the Holocaust and the heartbreaking results of lives lived in dread. When do you stop being affected by past terrors? Conroy's view is you don' pass them onto your children...with devastating results. Not exactly light reading, none of Conroy's books are (think Prince of Tides), but each time I read it I'm shaken, inspired and fall in love with Rome all over again.

Another book I just added to Goodreads is The Paris Book, after the style of the New York Book etc. A huge coffee table book with wonderful photography of Parisian landmarks and lots of history to accompany them. Has been one of my Paris research books as I dig deeper into the City of Light as I begin writing my chick-lit set in Paris.

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  • What have you been reading?


  1. I've been on a reading spree lately - four books in one month, a new record for me!

  2. I read a new book this month and should post it on goodreads, I did a review too, but I'm not good at being regular about all this stuff, so no promises. I want to post reviews of more books I enjoy, but damn, so much to do and so little time. LOL Thanks again for your help with The Snowman!

  3. Beach Music sounds like my kind of book. I'll have to add it to my TBR list. I doubt I could read while on holiday; I'd get to enmeshed in the book to sight see. Maybe. Good for you keeping up with your reading.

  4. Hi Denise! Sorry it took me so long to stop by for a visit! I hope your year has started off well. I started a little reading challenge of my own. 52 is the magic number for me this year: a book a week! I've read 5 so far and I just picked up number 6...of course it's all be re-reading so far but my other reading goal is to spend the rest of the year reading books I've never read before.

    I've never read Beach Music but I did read Conroy's memoir about his reading life (aptly named My Reading Life I believe...) and his way with words is astounding! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  5. I love the Goodreads challenge! I'm reading my third book of the year-Soulless by Crystal Collier. Before that I read The Sweet Far Thing and Dragonfly Secrets (a children's book).

  6. I've been reading ARCs. The one I'm on now is an anthology that I thought would be your average length book. It's not. Try like 600 to 800 pages. Having a hard time getting through it...just because it's so stinkin long!

  7. I've been re-reading Glenda Larke's latest trilogy, the first two books anyway, The Lascar's Dagger and The Dagger's Path. Last time I read them to proof read and this time I have been really enjoying them more as a story.

  8. Congrats on signing up for the reading challenge and getting so much reading so far. Glad you got to reread an old favorite! :)

  9. I love doing the Goodreads reading challenge, so far this month I have managed to read 6 books, my favourite being Elizabeth is missing.

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  11. Pat Conroy is marvelous. I've read The Lords of Discipline and South of Broad. Not sure why I haven't read more of his work.

    I just finished The Girl on the Train, which is the new buzzy psychological thriller by debut author Paula Hawkins. The writing and voice were excellent, but the book held no surprises for me. I was able to figure out much of the "mystery" half-way through—always a disappointment. I will definitely read her next book, however, because the writing was so compelling.

    As others have said VR Barkowski


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