Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Just testing - please ignore this post! SUCCESS AT LAST--I HOPE!

If you just had to click on this post, I am trying to work out with feedburner why my feeds aren't showing up on followers' blogrolls.

Thank you to those who showed an interest and clicked on this post. By George, I think I worked it out! Now I can only hope you see my feeds!


  1. Most of them have been hitting my Feedly a day or two later, although the last one showed up immediately.

  2. Hope this gets resolved for you soon.

    Wait, I'm supposed to ignore this post... *facepalm* :)

  3. Mine randomly sent out a blog from last year a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea why!

  4. You're not showing up on my blog roll at all. The name of the blog is but it's way at the bottom and your test post didn't come in.

  5. This post is showing up on my blogroll finally! But the subsequent one isn't yet. I'm hoping it will get there too, eventually :)

  6. Yes! Showed up in my blog role and also in the email! Wonderful, congratulations. Now if you could just tell the rest of us what you did - so many are having the same problems!
    LOL Have a great weekend!


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