Monday, 23 December 2013

Test Your Christmas IQ - something fun for Christmas!

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

Greetings from Malaga, Spain.

I hope your holidays are going well (if you are actually on holidays!) or you're able to chill a little at this time of year. Hope you're travelling safe if, like me, you're on the road or in the air. I've had a great time so far - Amsterdam, Paris, Prague and Spain, with Portugal and Morocco still to come, before flying back to Paris then home to Oz, which hopefully will have most of its hot summer weather out of the way. Just kidding. It will be hot until at least the end of February.

Meanwhile I came across this quiz in an EasyJet magazine on the flight to Prague. I enjoyed it and thought I'd share it with you. With thanks to Jack Palfrey and Sam Pothecary.


Can you spot the festive falsehoods?
I hope yule love it...


  1. Scientists say Rudolph's red nose is because of infection. T/F
  2. Santa Claus wears red to symbolise Jesus turning water into wine. T/F
  3. The 'true love' mentioned in 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' refers to God. T/F
  4. Kissing under the mistletoe references an affair between Vidarr, the Norse God of the forest, and Elli, the goddess of old age. T/F
  5. Crackers originally symbolised an assassination attempt on Pope Julius 111 in 1752. T/F
  6. In Poland, spiders and spiders' webs are common decorations. T/F
  7. Stockings come from the Hungarian tradition of washing socks on 24 December. T/F
  8. The Swedish made the first artificial trees out of dyed pheasant feathers. T/F
  9. 120 million Christmas trees are grown each year in Europe. T/F
  10. Christmas pudding was originally a thick soup with raisins and wine in it. T/F
  11. Presents used to be wrapped to prevent rats from eating them. T/F
  12. Workers in Spain get a Christmas bonus of one month's salary by law. T/F
  13. In Serbia, Santa is a woman who gives the children a kiss while they're sleeping. T/F
  14. In the Middle Ages, the traditional Christmas meal in England was pig's head and mustard. T/F
  15. In Estonia, the festive meal is a stew made from seal meat and chestnuts. T/F
  16. Since 1947, Oslo has sent a Christmas tree to London to thank the British for their help in World War 11. T/F
  17. The first bit of music played in space was 'Jingle Bells'. T/F
  18. Christmas is the most common time of year for couples to break up. T/F
  19. Christmas trees are fed dried banana peels during germination to help them develop their deep green colour. T/F
  20. In Russia, it's considered unlucky to give teddies as presents, because bear attacks are common in wintertime. T/F


 15-20 YOU ARE SANTA, THE RIGHTFUL OVERLORD OF CHRISTMAS. You scoff in the face of any mere mortal who asks you which winter berries to add to a mince pie. Travelling a mere 510,000,000km on Christmas Eve is no problem so long as there's a glass of eggnog waiting for you when you get home.

8-14 YOU ARE RUDOLPH. Unfortunately, your ruminant mammal brain prohibits you from absorbing all things Christmassy, but 365 days a year under Santa's guidance has given you some basic wisdom.

0-7 YOU ARE SCROOGE. Christmas isn't your thing. Your prefer high interest loans and Victorian workhouses. Try not to bah humbug your way through the festive season, retaining a certain amount of information is crucial if you want to become less of a grump.


  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE
  3. TRUE
  4. FALSE
  5. FALSE
  6. TRUE
  7. FALSE
  8. FALSE
  9. FALSE
  10. TRUE
  11. FALSE
  12. TRUE
  13. FALSE
  14. TRUE
  15. FALSE
  16. TRUE
  17. TRUE
  18. TRUE
  19. FALSE
  20. FALSE 
  Thank you for coming by. Thank you to my followers and casual visitors who've read my blog for the past year/s. I hope you'll continue to visit me in the New Year. Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, safe New Year.

Here's the happy couple chilling in the winter sun in Paris

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Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Have a wonderful time in all those places. This was a fun quiz. I didn't try the answers, just the questions, but when I read the answers, I realized I would have really missed a lot!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great - I'm a reindeer!
Merry Christmas, Denise. Have a wonderful time in Spain.

Botanist said...

Great quiz. Apart from #16 my answers were pure guesswork so I guess I'm an accidental Rudolph :)

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Happy Christmas!

Yolanda Renée said...

I squeaked by with 15 right - surprising myself! What a fun little quiz. Looks like you're having a blast! Keep it up!

Merry Christmas!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Jingle Bells was the first song played in space? Missed that one. I hit Rudolph level but only because I guessed.

Li said...

Wow, I did terribly! Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels. Be safe, and Merry Christmas!

Vallypee said...

Haha, très bien! I failed miserably! Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time and I'm rather envious of your sunny weather. Happy Christmas, Denise!

Jemi Fraser said...

I'm glad some of those are false! Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Lorena said...

Wow, Malaga...

I was there in the summer of 2012 and LOVED it! I had the best grilled sardines of my life in there! (Don't know if they prepare them at this time of the year).

Will come back to finish the quiz in a little bit :)

The Words Crafter said...

Beautiful picture! The quiz was fun and I scored terribly, hahaha :)) I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe and merry Christmas!

klahanie said...

Hi Denise,

Wow, I got all the correct answers. Okay, I got all the correct answers after I looked at the correct answers. Before that I was Grinch meets Scrooge meets Humpty Dumpty, best of-the-wall comedian, ever!.

Have an excellent adventure on the rest of your trip.

Merry Christmas from England.

Gary :)

Denise Covey said...

Thanks Gary. Same to you.

Denise Covey said...

I scored terribly too. Merry Christmas.

Denise Covey said...

There's plenty of sardines around Lorena.

Michael Di Gesu said...



My nose is a crimson red right now. LOL.

You look so happy in your pic! Glad you are having an amazing trip! How special to be in so many incredible places during the holiday season!


Vesper said...

I'm Rudolph, just by chance... :-)
Merry Christmas, Denise! Enjoy you travelling! All the best to you and your loved ones!

Gossip_Grl said...

That was fun trivia and apparently I am a Santa Overlord or maybe I'm still on Santa overload after yesterday. It is finally quiet here. Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Denise .. sounds like you're enjoying your Christmas travels - this was a great quiz to find .. some I knew - some I guessed .. I'm sure I'm a Rudolf too ... but I think I disagree on number one - having just read that Reindeer's noses are not covered in fur, but to keep warm they have masses of extra blood vessels twirled up in their noses to bring them extra warmth ...

Who knows how cold my toes are Tiddly Pom ... enjoy the rest of your holiday .. cheers Hilary

Miranda Hardy said...

Sounds like you are having a marvelous time. Looks beautiful, too. Happy Holidays!

Grace said...

Merry Christmas to you ~ I am envying your warmer travels ~ Thanks for dropping by ~ Take care ~