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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group Post - is your book good enough? Margaret Attwood hits the nail on the head!

Hello there, fellow insecure writers and friends.

Thanks Alex J Cavanaugh for this group where there's always something to learn. Today I'll keep my post short as I know there's a gazillion bloggers signed up these days.

Jokey Attwood
Margaret Attwood (novelist, poet, essayist, critic, activist) was recently interviewed on ABC television in Oz. She is one witty, acerbic, sharp dame. She likes a joke, rarely stops smiling, and does a wonderful sneering French accent. She doesn't come across this way in her books, none of the ones I've read anyhow, rather the opposite, but there you go. (A bit like a How-to-Write-Thrillers-and-Crime-Novels book I'm currently reading where the author claims that crime writers are lovely, carefree people as a general rule--they get all their angst out on the pages of their latest tome.) Ha...ha...ha....

Anyhow, Margaret Attwood says some great things, the best being IMHO (I paraphrase): 'Finish the book! Don't spend all your time wondering whether it will sell, whether it will receive bad reviews, whether it will reach the top of the best seller list. Just finish it!' I really like this advice as I have 4 books unfinished, lol!
I'm working on getting one finished as we speak...or read...
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Attwood's latest words of wisdom are (I quote, as I recorded them on my phone):

'There are only four kinds of books -- good books that make money, bad books that make money, good books that don't make money and bad books that don't make money.' Of those four, she says, 'You can live with three of them.'

Margaret Attwood quotes are kind of famous. I found this one as my mind's on RomanticFridayWriters and the whole month of June is devoted to the theme: June Weddings. (Hubs and my wedding anniversary is today!) At RFW, there'll be posts about weddings, a guest post from best-selling romance writer Kate Walker (with a giveaway), and a prompt to write about weddings -- for which there are prizes. Now wouldn't that be lov-er-ly! Join us if you can!

"The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love."

  • What do you think? Do you agree with Attwood on love or books? 
  • I still haven't been able to fix my lack of blogger feed. Do you know anyone else having a similar problem?


  1. I think Ms. Atwood is one smart lady.

  2. That is a very interesting quote. We all worry about our books being good enough to a degree. I have so many unfinished at this point too, but I'm working on it. *stares at novel edits* Oh the work, but it's worth it.

    Good post. :-D

  3. Love the Atwood quotes :) Happy Anniversary Dx

    Shoot, I should have thought to post RFW on my post. Lash me with a wet noodle - please.


    1. Thanks for anniversary wishes. Out at Aquitane a great French restaurant on the river. The duck confit was awesome...waiting fir the creme brulee...yummo.

  4. I really enjoyed that interview and love the quote about the four types of books! She has a great sense of humour.

    Hope you had a wonderful night out tonight for your anniversary :)

  5. This was exactly the kind of post I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing Ms. Atwood with us. Happy Anniversary!


  6. Can't be around much online anymore, as you have probably noted, but I'm glad I dropped by here today to wish you Happy Anniversary! In today's world, such anniversaries are definitely to be congratulated!! Sincerely, your Forever Friend

  7. Yes, finish it, and if you need to rework a few things when you're done, you can do that too. The important thing is to finish it!

  8. I've never looked at writing that way. Am actually in the midst of attempting to finish a WIP and it's driving me crazy.These quotes have come at exactly the right time :)

  9. Happy Anniversary, my friend! And have a wonderful time!


  10. I could live with three of those!

  11. Love Atwood, everything about her. As for the blogger problem, are you talking about your reading list? Sometimes, I have to click on the tab several times, and even go back and "view blog" and come back to have them pop up. Not sure if that's your issue, but I think it may be a glitch. I didn't have the problem until I changed to the new blogger format, which I didn't have a choice in. Hope it improves!

  12. Hi, Denise...

    What a FUN person! I know of the author, but have never read her books. BUT I DO LOVE a fun loving author with a winning smile!

    The quotes were right on! Loved them.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! SO you were a June bride? No wonder this month's prompt is JUNE WEDDINGS. GEEZ all this mushy romantic stuff....

    Funny how it never gets old. LOL.

    Do I have to write something for this hearts and flowers prompt? I hear your answer LOUD AND CLEAR..... But you know me it will be dark and atmospheric. Tragic too, most likely. Can you handle that? OR, does it have to have a happy ending?

    AHEM.... I have been visiting! You only did one post in the past few weeks.... AHEM... SCROLL down to your previous post ... AHEM... I was the HOST of the bloghop! I did visit. If you forgot... I am the dude with the cheesy grin and bulging bicep.... LOL....

    I DO hope your laughing....

  13. Big, big fan of Margaret Atwood. She's very quotable because she speaks her poet's mind. :)

    Also, this post didn't come up in my blogger feed, which is why I'm late getting here. Bad, bad Blogger!

  14. ha! I love Margaret's four categories of books. I totally agree. The hardest part, though, is not finishing, but breaking in!!!

  15. I've read a couple of Atwood's books, and she's a very talented author. I like the advice to stop worrying and just finish it.

  16. Hi Denise .. Happy Anniversary .. and I love the quotes .. cheers Hilary

  17. I have to agree with her about the four kinds of books.

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