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My entry for the 'What if...?' Blogfest - Plot Twist

WHAT IF? Fairytale Madness BlogFest!
(Runs August 13 - 17)          

Have you noticed that by changing one detail; one event, one character trait, one thought... you can completely alter the rest of the story?

For this bloghop we are exploring "What If...?"

Not only do we want it to be fun, but it will hopefully be a fun writing exercise and make for some great reading during the hop!

To enter: 

Think of your favorite "well known" fairytale and ask "What If…!"

       Post your story anytime between August 13th to 17th. 

·         Flash Fiction – 300 WORD MAX. (You don't have to tell the whole story in three hundred words. Pick what works to illustrate your point.)

I've chosen the Plot Twist category. What if Cinderella's Prince was a vampire seeking a partner...of course, Cindy fits the bill...

Cinderella and the Prince of Darkness

‘Cindy, don’t go!’

‘I’m 18! I’ll please myself!’

‘Why wear all black to the Prince of Darkness ball? You look like a Gothic princess,’ said Philomena and Persephone.

‘That’s the idea, idiots.’

‘Cindy, this rave will be dangerous. There’ll be party drugs.’

‘Oh pfft! You hate me. Years of humiliation, staying home while you partied. God, it’s my time.’

The step-sisters were horrified. Where was Cindy’s long blond hair, her vintage dresses? Who was this stranger in silken net and all-black accessories?

‘Here’s your shoes Cindy.’

Never ever touch my shoes.'

‘What’s Mum going to say?’

‘She wants me dead. No problem. Thanks to her when he sees my hands the Prince’ll think I’m some lackey.’

‘Come home before midnight!’

‘Or I'll turn into a pumpkin? Idiots. The party’ll be pumpin'.’

‘But Mum…’

‘Pfft! I answer to my mum.’

‘But your mum’s…’


On the subway Cindy hung from the strap and stroked her cross, thinking about the little white dove that’d left her a message at her mother’s graveside:

 ‘Come to the Prince of Darkness party! Best-dressed prize! A private session with the Prince!’ 

She’d wept with bitter joy…

Cindy entered through the large black doors into the cave-like room. Everyone was astonished at her beauty. The Prince himself, who’d been checking out the girls, flew down the stairs and took her hand.

‘Why, Prince, are you dancing with me? All the girls are dying to dance with you. It’s in their eyes.’

‘Their eyes are dead. Yours are alive.’

‘Hmm. I desire your kiss of death.’

‘You want to be with me forever after?’

‘Yes. Mortal life is overrated.’

In his private rooms, the Prince removed Cindy’s razor-sharp stiletto.
He kissed her, then pricked her with her stiletto heel. His cries echoed through the building - ‘Ah, my Princess has come!’

I hope you enjoyed my twisted fairy tale. To read more, check out the list...

And here's a snap of my penultimate day in Fiji...

Cassava and Coconut Pie at Lautoka Market...yummy!


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  1. they die happily ever after? very dark. love a good twisty fractured take on the classics.

    1. Thanks Raelene! Nice to see you here! See you Wednesday I hope...Have missed our Vannguard Writing Group.

  2. Wonderfully done. Cassie's gonna have some trouble picking a winner from all your twisters.

  3. What a dark twist! Well done I enjoyed it.

  4. Hi,

    Hee hee, loved this. Very graphic imagery! ;)


    1. You may have read another version of this! Thanks.

  5. Love this twist to the tale. Very dark and exciting,

  6. Great twist and I love the modern take of going to a rave etc.

  7. Oh I love it, Cinderella as a Princess of Darkness wow!

  8. That is a twist! Better than the Disney passive aggressive girl for sure.

  9. This is great! Defiant, dark Cinderella. My kind of girl :)

  10. Wonderfully dark! I can certainly see Cindy in those stilettos! Yummmm. I do enjoy a pretty girl in stilettos... LOL.

    1. I had to cut out a lot of description for the 300 words but I imagine she cut quite the picture.

  11. Great twist and I enjoyed the new fangs used.

    1. Rather gross, but Cinders was all about the shoes!

  12. Oh I like this take on the theme: Gothic Prince of Darkness and the line 'You want to be with me forever after?' nice touches.

  13. Dark and twisted. I loved it.

  14. Thanks for your comments one and all. I've got to pack the laptop as I'm heading out for my last jaunt in Fiji then it'scleaning/packing time. See you back on Oz!

  15. Aloha Denise,

    Wow... that modernized an old tale, for sure... Your Cindy sounds like a mc in the making:)

    Awesome job, really loved the writing and thanks for participating last minute :)

  16. I like that Cinderella has attitude. :) She sometimes comes off as a bit flat in the usual fairy tale re-tellings!

  17. An interesting version of this popular tale... full of darkness and rebellion, starring a feisty Cinderella...
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Fun, fun, fun! The best twisted tale ever, Denise. Write a screenplay and you're off to Hollywood, seriously! Great writing, girl!

  19. This is AWESOME!
    Completely twisted! I love the fresh idea! Very original!

    Thanks for being part of the fest!

  20. Oh, what an awesome plot twist :) I loved this. Stillettos are are always inticing, and gothic looks, awesome. And excellent twist Denise :)


  21. Love the dark edge to this. Snappy dialogue, as well!

  22. Loved it, sis!

    How bittersweet it will be packing, but what glorious memories.

    1. Yes, all home now. Was sad to leave but it's always good to be home, even though it means straight back to work today! Ah well, it I want to travel, I need to work, lol! D

  23. I loved all your descriptions in this twist. I could see everything happening so clearly. And I like the gothic Cinderella. She's got spunk in a dark and twisted way. :)

  24. Persephone and Philomena as the sisty-uglers? Hah!

  25. My Dear Denise,
    This a a new Cinderella to me (LOL). You have such a great imagination. I really hope she finds love before midnight.


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