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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Holiday season blogfests hotting up! So do you know of any blogfests to share? Ann Best's new memoir...

How're you doing? Not too ground down with all the writing projects? Just a short post before I get back to work. I want to share with you some up-coming blogfests and I'm hoping if you know of any more, you'll share with us all.

1. On December 2, Romantic Friday Writers have their first blogfest of the month based on this image: 

Challenge No 26 – post on Friday December 2nd

Response to image.

Write a 400 – 600 word (or less!) story/poem based on this image. You might write a Christmas tale, a spooky tale, a fairy story, a fantasy…the sky’s the limit! You don’t have to use all the details in the picture, but your story will reflect the image in some way…

Linky will be posted on Thursday December 1st .Go here on December 1st to submit your entry...

Good luck with your entry! Please post the image in your sidebar and spread the word.

2. Madeleine Maddocks of Scribble and Edit is hosting her cliched blogfest on December 5th.

Go here for more deets. You can join up with the linky NOW! 

3. The Insecure Writers Support Group posts for December will be on Wednesday December 7th. This, like RFWer is an on-going 'blogfest'. Go here for more deets and sign up. This is Alex J Cavanaugh's brain child.

4. On December 16, there is the Deja Vu blogfest. Love this as it's going to give everyone a chance to read a blogger's best (ITHO) posts. You know, those posts that you wrote maybe when you had 10 followers, you took so much care, yet only 2 people ever read it! Find this little gem, dust it off, and post it so we can all enjoy it! 

Go visit Nicole Duclerior at One Significant Moment at a Time for more deets! 

Onto books/blog tours/book reviews etc etc...

Many bloggers are getting impatient with posts pushing books, so I thought I'd include a little shout out with a post, rather than do a whole post. I understand the 'blog tour' fatigue that's hitting us, but I also understand that authors (especially our blogger-friend authors) need to get the word out, so...

Today I'm giving Ann Carbine Best's latest memoir a shout out. Ann is an inspiring 71 years old and after pubbing her first memoir through WiDo Publishing, she went it alone this time. She worked her way through all the e-pub formatting, published on Smashwords, then goofed with Amazon and had to withdraw it. Now she's figured out Amazon Kindle, so Imprisioned is available through both Smashwords and Amazon. I have read Imprisoned and can highly recommend it. I've posted a review on Amazon. Go Ann!

  • Now you have 4 blogfests. I haven't been visiting as many blogs as usual due to my commitment to finishing my NaNo first draft, (27,500+ words thus far), so I'm sure there's many, many more. Please leave a comment and tell us about it!
  • I've had positive comments about my Disqus comment system. Just a request...I hate filling out that 3-field thingy too - Name, email, blog link, but once you do it the first time it will auto-fill from then on. If you don't fill out the URL I can't easily visit your blog. Please...
STOP PRESS! - I just saw another blogfest for Dec 8-10 at http://brenleedrake.blogspot.com/ 

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