Wednesday, 30 November 2011

An exciting start to December! Fun! Fun! Fun!


There are an exciting few days coming up for me, how about you? Today is the last day of NaNo. I've about 1500 words to go on my novel and I'm sure I can do that with my eyes shut, and they probably will be! Most of it's vomitus, but I'm really excited about the plot if not the writing. It was far too big a project for a month, as are most NaNo novels, so really the work is just beginning...Indulge me, Clarissa Draper says she always fiddles with a cover first to help focus her ideas for her current novel, so I had a quick play and whipped this up. After my previous post on debut novels I couldn't resist the tag at the bottom, lol!

E-book Boot Camp's over so I'll be sharing more later. I'm so excited about all the things I learned but there are so many decisions to make...

This Friday December 2, RomanticFridayWriters kicks off again with the first challenge of the month - response to this picture:

Everyone can have some fun! You can write prose or a poem up to 600 words in response to the picture. There needs to be some romantic element within. After you've written your entry, go to the RomanticFridayWriters website and link to your story. Any further questions, ask in comments.

The second challenge has been posted, due Friday December 16. The theme is Sparkle! What fun we can have with that one! Back to the 400 words or less limit again. After initial groaning, RFWer members have honed their flash fiction skills and enjoy the low-word limit challenge. Great for those editing skills.

So you are invited to join us for both our challenges and many more in the future.

Also on Friday December 2, Michael at time is celebrating his one year blogoversary by giving away Amazon Gift Cards. He still needs 3 more followers to reach 500. Maybe you can pop over, leave a comment, follow Michael if you've not done so and win some Amazon e-money at the same time. How can you lose? Michael's site is fabulous. So many helpful posts.

There are also a lot of other blogfests coming up. I posted about them here. You can also check them in my sidebar - Madeleine's cliches and a group of bloggers got together to give us Deja Vu.

Hope the writing is going well. Don't forget you can try out excerpts of your WIPs using the RomanticFridayWriters themes. Nancy Williams is posting about critiquing today if you'd like to visit!

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