Monday, 17 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - what is style? Who has it? Do you?

Thanks to Writers Bloc NZ for the Stylish Blogger Award. This is the first time I've come across this award and think it's pretty cool! For this award you have to tell 7 things about yourself, so here goes...

No, no, no, I don't want to do the 7 things about me. I don't think I'm boring but boring people don't know they're boring do they, so just in case, I thought I'd look at the concept of style and what it means to me.

1. Some people are born with style.

The person who comes to mind to me is someone you don't know - my father. He always oozed style. I'm sure he was the original Horse Whisperer - he could work magic with horses. This was in spite of the fact that when he was 21 he was nearly killed by a bolting stallion, and next day his hair started to go grey overnight. True story. So for the rest of his life he had a shock of thick grey hair which set off the Akubra hat he always wore. In America he would have been called a cowboy, but in Oz men and women in Akubra hats, riding boots, R.M.Williams trousers, big horse buckles, spurs and western shirts are just called horsemen/stockmen/Rodeo men. L R Gilroy certainly had style. We buried his beloved Akubra with him.

2. Some people acquire style.

Think of a gauche teenager turned into one of the most stylish celebs in the world and you have Lady Di, Princess Di, Princess of Wales. 
Think of an ordinary, fresh-faced Aussie girl from Tassie, who, through (it is rumoured) yoghurt and yoga, turned herself into a pencil-slim Princess of Style. Hats off to Princess Mary of Denmark and congrats on the twins! 

3. Music is full of style/s.

Rock n Roll, Rhythm n Blues, Blues, Jazz, Country, C and W, Hip Hop, Rap, Grind, Pop, Motown, Anthem Rock, Industrial Rock, Classical, Big Band, World, Gospel, Soul...on and on, so many different styles. I'll bet you can think of a ton more. I don't love them all, but I'm rather wild over Anthem Rock, Bono style. Don't forget Alex J Cavanaugh's Music Countdown (Top 10 Songs of all time) blogfest on Jan 24.

4. Times of crises bring out peoples' style.

Aussies are stereotypically laid back, apathetic, friendly, good-time Charlies, mind-your-own-business sorts of people. Bring on a disaster, then Aussies en masse have style - they look at what needs doing, whether it's grabbing a drowning person, looking for survivors, or rebuilding. They don't whinge, they just roll up their sleeves, grab a bucket, a mop, a shovel, and apply elbow grease where it's needed. I'm proud to be a stylish Aussie. One story about the floods you won't hear as it's not well known - during the horrendous Toowoomba inland tsunami a lady in a small car was being swept away. A guy in a huge semi tugged on his steering wheel with all his might and drove into the flood in front of her. She stopped in the side of his truck, unhurt. That driver had heaps of style.

5.Writers have style (or they'd better!)

If you weren't born with your writer's style it can be acquired. Plenty of style tomes out there, grab a few and study them. You also need to study the style guidelines before you send your work off, as this varies from editor to editor. Writer's style can take years to acquire, but you won't be successful until you find your own style and let your unique voice come through. Some of us are still working on it.

6. Bloggers have style.

Don't we all love to discover a blogger who oozes style - someone who writes from their heart, spreads joy arounds the 'sphere, and even emails if you've been 'off the air' for awhile.It was a happy day for me when I discovered blogging. Now I think my life would be so much poorer without it. Sure, I'd have more time to clean house, shop, work on my WIP etc but what is more important? Let's all be sylish bloggers.

7. Whoever thought up the idea of the 100 Stories for Queensland has style in spades.

All donated stories which are accepted go into an anthology to raise funds for Queensland flood victims. Show your style by submitting a story (click on the Proud to be Aussie link in my sidebar, top right, for guidelines.) Thank you to those who are spreading the word.

So thank you Writers Block NZ for this award. Instead of passing it on to 10 Stylish bloggers, I'd like you to accept this award if you enter a story in the above anthology. That will fulfill the criteria for me.

See, I hope you thought this was more interesting than a list of facts about moi. You still learnt some things about me and the people I admire.

BTW, if you haven't attended the inaugural Publication Party (post 2 below) hurry! Draw for the first week's prizes closes Monday 8pm NY time. Clarissa Draper is the guest of honour at the second session, Wednesday. Don't miss it!

Denise :)


  1. This was an awesome spin on the rules. You're certainly rocking some style! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on your award. Very fun way to answer seven questions. And I hope things are going better over there. You're in my thoughts.

  3. Congrats on the award! And thanks for your spin on style. I think I have some writing ideas from your creative musings here. :)
    Have a great week,

  4. That's a GREAT run-down on style, in many diff areas. Very nice, and congrats on your award!

  5. I love your take on style -- very... ahem...stylish ;)

  6. I enjoyed your look into style. And congrats on the award!

    ♥ Mary Mary

  7. The award couldn't go to a more stylist blogger!

  8. You've got style, Lady - need I say more?

  9. Words Crafter,The Happy Whisk, Karen, Carol, Lynda, The Sisterhood,Zan Marie : Thanks! Glad you liked my style!

  10. I hope that they get the 100 stories soon so that donations can start rolling in. Can't wait for your post.

  11. Lovely post, enjoyed it. Saw your photos in the other post, and am hoping you're doing ok. I admire your attitude in continuing to blog despite all that is going on around you.

    A big virtual hug from across the seas!

  12. Congrats on your award. What an inspiring story about the trucker!!

  13. Congrats on your excellent bloggy style. Guess what? I've got another award waiting for you at So, Write.

  14. As I read this post all I could think about is how you've changed up the blogger award ceremony. Nice. Congrats on the awards, my stylish friend.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  15. Congrats on this award. Style is a very important thing, I've always felt. You're rocking it, Denise!


    PS: I love that story about your father. What a guy.

  16. Good post and I wish I could submit to that awesome 100 stories, but I'm a Yank.

  17. Oh yes, and I posted about Fair Dinkum today. I waited for today because I thought today was special enough for it.


  18. Congratulations and those are some stylish answers!

  19. Congratulations Denise! You are certainly very deserving of this award as you have Loads of Style! And thanks so much for telling us about the anthology for Queensland - what a great idea!

  20. Stylish is as stylish does m'dear. I loved the little bit about your Dad. As a complete Daddy's Girl I'm a sucker for anything about fathers!

    It was a lovely spin on the '7 Things' - very clever but I'd expect nothing less from you! :)

  21. I agree you have style.
    Congratulations on the award!

  22. Yes, that was better than a list of 7 things, but it would have been just as fun learning a little about you. :)

    Have a great day!

  23. Hi
    thanks for your style of 7 my favourite was the aussie style of helping out.
    and congradulations on your award!

  24. Congrats! You've got style and I agree, the man who used his truck to stop the lady's car has it too.

  25. Congrats on the award! You most certainly have style and that's a great way to feature 100 Stories for Queensland as well.


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