Thursday, 2 September 2010

You Deserve A Star Award - and some writing tips

Thank you to L Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a Stick Tips for the You Deserve A Star Award. Now is a good time to pass it on before #flashfriday hits. When the Spunk passed it on she wrote an interesting post about how the stars needed to be aligned in a special way before she could write (my pun, sorry.) I loved the post as did many others judging by the comments. If you didn't get to read it, go here.  Spunk's blog is for handing out excellent writing tips, amongst all the other things she does, and to me and many others she's certainly a star and well deserving of this award.

Lately I've been too busy writing to write much about writing, so I'm going to pass this award onto some of my most recent commenters who support me in what I do. They deserve a star for reading my flash fiction, blogfest entries etc. and leaving kind, helpful comments. But I want you, my little or not so little, stars, to let me know your answer to the question the Spunk posed - What Are Your Writing Habits? I'm going to list 6 of mine, so perhaps you'd like to use the same format. Please link back here so I can read your words of wisdom or leave a comment so I can go chase up these hot tips of yours.

I'd also love everybody who reads this to leave comments about their writing habits.

I'd like to hand this award on to so many stars, but here are six recent and at times prolific commenters and followers who I think deserve a star for at times making me feel like a star, however undeserved: Please spread the star dust around to however many of your stars, er, blogger friends, as you wish.

Talei at Musings of an aspiring scribe
Francine at Romancing the Blog
Rainy Day Wanderer and word's crafter extraordinaire
Ashley Ashbee that Loveable Homebody
Pamela Jo at There's Just Life
Aubrie at Flutey Words

Okay, here's my answers to the question...
What Are Your Writing Habits? 
  1. My favourite spot to write is: in my little office when there's no one else within cooee.
  2. My favourite treat when writing: is not actually chocolate (which is surprising) but I like to have endless cups of tea tottering dangerously near my keyboard.
  3. For white noise I like: 24-hour news channel very low. Never know, I might learn something. Right now I hear Barack Obama  telling the pesky Israelis and the Palestinians to behave themselves or else. Yes, they are there, right behind him, I checked, with pained smiles. I can catch it all later on twitter. Ooh, there's a distraction! Don't get me started!
  4. Water is very important whilst (doncha love that word? It's nearly obsolete or is it already?) writing because: It keeps the brain charged. It really does. Google 'reflexology.' Maybe dehydration leads to dehydrated prose.
  5. When there's too many people around I: nick off to the library to write, taking my little netbook. Oh, boy, in November, I'm going to take my air mattress and hide under a table when NaNo's on. Reminds me, gotta get some ideas for a new novel...
  6. When I lack inspiration I: make yet another cup of tea and raid the cupboards, drawers, behind the washing machine, or in the filing cabinet for my stash of chocolate. Suddenly it's all good!

Does this sound anything llike your writing habits?

C'mon, I'll bet yours are a lot more interesting than mine. Share with Denise. Everyone loves to their own way...You might also like to pop over to Lenny's World where he's put his writing tips.

And for a bit of extra fun, don't miss the writing tips in my sidebar. They crack me up.


Herding Cats said...

I need to write in silence, or else I just cannot focus! Also, tea is a STAPLE of mine!

Denise Covey said...

Herding Cats: I'm with you. I think tea is something I can't do without. Glad someone else feels the same way..:)

The Words Crafter said...

You certainly have made my day better, thanks for thinking of me!!! I'm a little more caught up than before, but still somewhat behind. I really like the writing habits; maybe I'll use it Saturday for a post! I love your writing. You put lots of emotion that translates well and it's a joy to read it.

One thing-my biggest writing habit is lack of discipline!!!!

I'm also going over to check out Spunk!

Thank you again!

Denise Covey said...

Words Crafter - thanks and you'll love Spunk..:)

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

If I can't have silence I'll either turn my ipod on or I'll go to the local coffee shop and write in the muted ambience.

Grats on your award

Denise Covey said...

Lynda, I'm with you..Thanks..:)

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss l'aussie! i just won a cool book on writing and its teaching me a lot about writing. i did a post on it on my blog. i been really bad about good writing habits because i been having so much fun swimming and playing baseball. i gotta get back writing so i could finish the book im doing now and the one i got started. thanks for reminding me i gotta get going and get some good habits.
...smiles from lenny

Denise Covey said...

Hi Lenny! Cool that you won a book on writing! Glad you're getting back into it. I'll pop over and read your post..:)

Francine Howarth said...


OMG, a star, I haven't had one of those in years. Thanks muchly!

Bad girl is me - a lot. ;)

Will post follow up as soon as. Have to go pick blackberries for jam, yum yum.

Please, please, pretty please join in my blogfest. I love highly emotional pieces of writing, and I know you'll come up with something brilliant.


Nomes said...

Oh - I love reading about other writers.

I like silence and occasionally a hot choclate.

Also, when I get restless, I ofetn pull my hair back into a pony-tail for some reason - as if that is a signal for 'this means business'

If I get too restless - i usually go for a little walk down to the creek and usually by the time I get back - i have some fresh inspiration or a new piece of dialogue or something :)

Denise Covey said...

Francine: Yep, I'll get back to you and join your blogfest. Highly emotional writing eh? Is that a good thing???? It's the only way I know..:)

Nomes: Thank you so much for your excellent sharing. I read once where Toni Morrison said she ties a bandana tightly around her head (brain) and it definitely helped her write better - switching on again. What you said about pulling your hair back reminded me. The walk by the creek sounds good too..:)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Well deserved award!
And darn those household chores! I should've mentioned that - the dryer cycle ending (for a fourth time) and I HAVE to get up to take care of it.

Talei said...

Ooh thank you!


You're such a stellar lady! I love stars! This is amazing, my second award in two days...the gods must be smiling. ;))

And I do like the Writing Habits - what a great idea! Thank you so much,I'm going shower sparkly stardust around my desk now! ;)

Laura Eno said...

Congrats on the award!
I need silence or only a background noise, like water splashing in a fountain, to write. Also, I prefer to write outside on my patio.

Francine Howarth said...


Blackberries picked, washed, sugar-coated awaiting the jam pan tomorrow!

Re award: have posted to award page on site, and my writing habits -

What Are Your Writing Habits?

6 questions to be answered!

1. My favourite spots to write are: kitchen because it has a snug corner and handy when watching out for cooking etc/ also upper floor sitting room with veranda overlooking east garden.
2. Blog/e-mail first thing, get writing as soon as, check e-mail lunchtime, get writing again afternoon/evening between domestic necessary chores.
3. Listening to classical music or complete blissful silence!
4. Constant pauses to make cups of tea, but that's good for the figure in not sitting too long.
5. Keep writing new project/revise previous but one project in tandem when time allows.
6. Frequently stop to walk the dog, also good for the figure. ;)

I will pass on the award just got to think who!


Jules said...

Congrats on the award. Well deserved.

My writing habits are simple: comment only on what I read and write what I feel. If I write what I feel I get tunnel vision, a bomb could go off and I'd still be sitting there typing away :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Writer said...

Congrats on receiving a star! Cute post! I like to write in the privacy of my office (It used to be my hubby's and I took over) ;) If I lack inspiration, I play my CDs (either classical or flamenco guitar does the trick for me). I usually don't get any treats. If I get up to eat, I use it as my break but I usually sit at my desk with no food. I love writing!

HelenMWalters said...

I'm with you on the white noise thing, I find having the news on a loop in the background really helpful. No idea why.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Congrats on your Star! What a pretty award!

I have a writing room and I drink a lot of water while writing but also coffee and tea. I often like quiet but I also listen to music from the time period I'm writing (early 60's) for some inspiration.

I have to check out Spunk:)

Denise Covey said...

L Diane Wolfe: Thanks again for the award and there may be a few checking out your awesome blog..:)

Talei: You're most welcome. Go the star dust!

Laura: I've tried writing outside, but except for a few notes it doesn't work. Strange that..:)

Francine: You sound so much like me. I hope to meet you one day, on my next trip to Bath to see Jane..:)Keep some of that blackberry jam, ha ha...

Jules: You sound like a dedicated writer. I know what you mean about the bomb..:)

Claudia: Sounds like you've worked out what works for you. What would we do if we couldn't write???

Helen: Yes, I love my news but I can't stand just sitting watching it. Happy writing..:)

Terry: Great idea about the period music. I've read that if you're writing a ghost story to do it at night in a dim room with ghostly music playing. I totally get that. I'm with you on the drinks..:)

Aubrie said...

Thank you so much for the award! I drink coffe more than tea, but tea sometimes :) And chocolate and jelly beans help me write.

Denise Covey said...

Aubrie: You're welcome..:)