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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lunch in Paris

Don't I wish! Give me any book with Paris in the title and I'm a goner, so I was chuffed to grab this latest tome (Lunch in Paris) at my local library on the FastBack option (read and return in 7 days or else!). I'll probably write a review for bookseraz, but just had to write how delighted I was with this latest in the 'I went to Paris, met a funky Frenchman, married funky Frenchman, ate yummy Parisien food and despite the angst of my rellies in the 'other world' outside of France I'm making a go of it and trying not to get fat in the process mode!' Loved it Elizabeth Bard (journalist and Parisien market food shopping guide). Congrats!

The reason I'm indulging in my love of all things French, especially Parisien, is that Elizabeth Bard stuck to her guns. She agonised over what work she could do in Paris, then came to the realisation that her love of buying the wonderfully fresh produce at the markets, cooking up mouth-watering dishes, and her ability to write, made a great combination. Thus the book (including fab recipes.) She could have been sidetracked with other options, but she took the time to find her way and her way was writing! Really spoke to me as I try to explore too many options (not that there's anything wrong with options!!)

Here's to staying on the road we have chosen...


  1. That sounds a great read. I'll look out for it in the library myself. Thanks!

  2. I greatly admire people who have the gut to follow their dreams. And it really resonates in my life right now.
    I will definitely check it out!


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