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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Cyberpoets

I was teaching the other day and we came across this definition for a 'cyberpoet' - one who makes frequent trips to the edge of technology society and traditional culture and strives to be artful in their use of the internet. Well, I thought, that's me and a trillion others. The article went on to say that 'active supporters of the Internet have given themselves a nomenclature to reflect their cultural aspirations - they are the new cyberpoets.'

I like that word 'cyberpoet.' I shall probably be nameless and fameless until I die, but my main claim to cyberpoet status is here on my blog. I've been very ambivilant with publishing posts and have often posted ones that are deeply unsatisfying - my Nike posts - just do it!  My most satisfying posts have been those when an idea comes to me and I give it time to develop before hitting my blog. For the first couple of years I've been full of insecurities - what has this got to do with writing? what will readers think of this? blah, blah...then I'd write something that was just to say - well, I'm still here...still plugging away...not dead yet...

For those wonderful couple of people who have been sitting patiently waiting for me to find myself, I hope you have noticed a difference in my blog entries. I'm hoping this difference has carried over into my short story/article/novel writing as well. I think it has. You ladies are truly inspirational and have found your 'cyberpoet' a long time ago.

My favourite blogs are those that fulfil my idea of 'arty'. Bloggers such as L'American who write on a simple topic yet take the time to craft it into something literary, something beautiful, something to be savoured. (Of course I'm always a sucker for a bit of travel and that might explain my addiction to Laura's blog.) I have a long way to go to reach Laura's level of 'cyberpoet', but I have my aspirations, and isn't that what writing is all about? Each piece should be better than the last as we surely learn by doing. Early blog entries, like early drafts of stories or novels, are surely a way of learning our craft.

So I am blogging the way I want to, refusing to fret over whether anyone will bother to read, to comment,to follow...Blogging is about sharing, reflection, ideas...and isn't that what being a 'cyberpoet' is all about?

As I make frequent (too frequent) trips to the Internet I hope I can write something to satisfy my inner 'cyberpoet.' How about you??


  1. I think the way we blog/use the internet changes over time. It serves different purposes at different stages of the journey and they're all positive.

  2. Here's to cyberpoets everywhere! I think the Internet is a fantastic thing for writers. A distraction sometimes, yes, but also an outlet for our writing and a means of sharing that with others across the world.

  3. Fascinating post - and your blog should be whatever you want it to be. You shouldn't need to worry about what others think.

    The single most important function of my blog is to keep me in touch with other writers. It's so lonely scribbling away on your own and it's good to know there are others out there. And many of my visitors have become friends.

  4. Your Blog entries are always very interesting, L'Aussie.

    I do write Blog entries in spurts, always meaning to keep up, but somehow always failing. Then I think, well, it's the content not the volume that really matters.

  5. Helen: Yes, you're right. Our use of the internet changes over time. I certainly hope we make the most of it.

    Joanne: Yes, but a great distraction. Very positive!

    Suzanne: I love to be fascinating! Thank you. It's the best way to keep in touch especially when you're at the bottom of the world! Nearly!

    Antonia: Great to hear from you. You must be ploughing through your course. Sure it's the content that counts. I do try...

    Thanks for your comments cveryone!!

  6. Interesting post. I've never thought of myself as a cyberpoet before, but I think I like it.

  7. Yeah, Debs, cyberpoets. I like it too!

  8. Hi again. I've given you a Beautiful Blogger Award - further details on my blog!

  9. Thank you Joanne. I've posted a comment on your blog thanking you, but it hasn't come up! I've left two now I was so excited!

  10. I really liked the defition. =)
    L'Aussie, I'm here to thank you for following Crooked Little Girl, one of the three blogs I write. It's a sweet pleasure to have you around. Hope you enjoy the reading and we become good cyberfriends.

    Take care and keep smiling.


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