Thursday, 5 November 2009

Questions to ask yourself about your novel

Day Three 3/11 - Tuesday - Words 2874 (9336)
Day Four 4/11 - Wednesday - Words 1771 (11,107)

A very useful little set of notes came my way courtesy of my local Nano region. They are good to check every now and then.

1. Character
  • How can I make the actions/reactions of the characters believable?
  • Have I provided enough background to understand the characters?

2. Setting

  • How can I make the setting contribute to the tone, theme, plot of the narrative?

3. Plot

  • How can I make the plot believable?
  • Do the characters have a significant role in the plot?
  • How can I make the plot fresh and original?

4. Theme

  • What larger issues do I want readers to think about as a result of my novel?

5. Dialogue

  • Is the dialogue natural?
  • Does the dialogue develop the characters and plot?
  • Does the dialogue show action?

Notes from Book in a Month, by Vl Schmidt and Writing for Emotional Impact, by K. Iglesias

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