Monday, 23 November 2009

The End is Nigh

I feel pumped today as I have a few hours of hopefully uninterrupted writing ahead of me. Had lots of dramas last week and hardly any writing done. Was able to hit it yesterday, Sunday, and got nearly 6,500 words done and it all seemed to flow. Maybe I needed a break to keep it fresh. I missed the 35,000 deadline on 21st (only had 27,597) so by the end of today I should be well over the 35,000 mark. Anyway, you can only do what you can do, huh? I've never doubted I will get there, couldn't live with myself if I didn't make the 50,000, so I do have renewed enthusiasm today. Let's hope it lasts. It's been a great experience to be plugging away on a regular basis. Hope everyone else is getting over the hump, too! Only a week to go! Gadzooks!

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