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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hello Barack Obama, US/Aussie history, then a Plot and Structure exercise.

Howdy my friends! How's everyone doing? 

Today Australia welcomes Barack Obama to our shores for the first time. I hope he enjoys his sneak peek of our beautiful country but he's not here to sightsee, of course, he's here to announce another joint military effort between our countries - a naval base in Darwin, our pretty much unprotected Deep North entry point. 

For those who might wonder why there is such an official bond between our countries it is because the only time Australia was ever threatened in a war (WW11) when the Japanese forces bombed Darwin and their submarines were cruising Sydney Harbour, nearly all of our army was fighting overseas. Other allies told the Japanese they could take Australia from Brisbane (((shudder))) north, but the Americans came to our rescue and did the Sir Galahad and today all of Australia remains Australia, not a Japanese colony, but has quite a lot of American military activity as a result of the 'rescue package'. Very useful for them to keep an eyespy on this part of the world. And of course we feel beholden to go fight the never-ending War on Terror.  

So, there you have a little insight into why we have such a strong tie with who we fondly refer to as the Yanks (their wartime nickname).

Well, now that I've mentioned the War... on Terror...

Thanks to PK Hrezco for sharing James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure. Here's a little exercise from the book for my NaNo story, A Peculiar Grace.

1. My lead is a drop out from Western society who joined the Hippie Trail and never returned home. Her objective is to subdue her demons by helping the unfortunate yet inspirational women of Kabul, Afghanistan.

2. She is confronted by dangerous political forces who oppose her because firstly, she is a woman, and secondly, she is an American whose armed forces have wreaked havoc on one regime after another.

3. The ending will be a knockout because many threads will be drawn together for a climax that will blow your sox off! 

  • Any opinions on my plot exercise? Have you done similar for your latest WIP? Tell me about it...
  • Anything else you feel to share, go right ahead...I think I'm trying a new comment system, so you'll be helping me see if I should delete it AGAIN or stay with it!

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