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Love Sucks! My Halloween Ghost Story...takes place in a little bar in Montmarte, Paris...

Hi everyone!

If you're looking for Joy Campbell's blog tour post, it's one down!!!!!

It's time for those Halloween creepy stories. Here's one of my stories I posted three years ago for RomanticFridayWriters. I've had a fresh look at it, revamped it, lol, and post for your reading pleasure. I really love these guys!

When you’ve lived on this earth for 400+ years you crave excitement. I was done with sleeping all day in a dark room with the velvet drapes drawn, hiding from the sun, waking up to microwaved blood. 

What’s a vamp to do all century?

Haunt the streets? 

That gets so old after awhile.

I slammed the hotel door and sashayed along Montmarte’s glitter strip, my current Parisian suburb of interest. Tourists gawking, homeless hawking, blackboard artist chalking. "ETERNITY". Cool. Same old, same old. Then right next door to Moulin Rouge, I saw it: ‘A VENDRE’. 

My synapses zapped. My planets aligned. A contract to sign.

I’d accumulated a tidy sum over the centuries, you know. Compound interest compounds, so before you could say ‘More blood and make it quick,’ the business belonged to moi.

The little bar was perfect -- vamp chic – blood-red carpet, black walls, red bar counter, black furniture. Suited my little black er, heart. The pictures clinched the deal – horror-movie posters proclaimed murder and mayhem on every wall. 

Now I no longer have to prowl the mean streets at night. I got me a hidey-hole. 

‘Ya not going to run this place all by yaself, are ya?’

I turned from admiring my Dracula poster which was a bit like looking in the mirror, black cloak and super handsome face, but like, wow! Look what's just promenaded down my little 15th Century wonky stairs! Flowing black tresses, lush curves poured into a little black dress, black fishnet stockings. Oh so tastee.

‘You offering to help, er, miss?’

“Ya, moi, who else d’ya see? I thought those black glasses were just for show.’

‘You know bar work? You look, like twelve. Show me some ID.’ 

I was only kidding but she whipped out the plastic.

‘Looks can be deceiving. You look, like, nineteen.’ 

She winked at me, cheeky minx.

I flipped the ID back to her. Fake as, who cared? 

I want this girl-child.

‘What d’ya think? I been working bars for many a year. Know some tricks.’

‘It’s not that kind of bar. It’ll be a clean operation.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Drink, tapas, music…’

‘Boring as. But I can be boring if ya want.’

 ‘What’s your name?’ I clasped her black-gloved hand. ‘I’m Drack Kulah.’



‘Well I’m Ruby Black, but go by -’

‘Snow White?’

‘Right on Drak. Hilaarrious. So, whatcha think?’

‘You’re hired. No funny business or you’ll be out on your pretty butt.’

‘My butt’s pretty?’ She twirled, black lacy dress flowing like waves, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of shapely snow-white leg and a flash of lacy black knickers. Pity about those ugly Doc Marten’s.

‘You want stilettos, you got stilettos,’ she smirked, ‘but that’s not all I got.’ She sidled up and grabbed me around the neck. Her gloved fingers stroked my black curls.

Who needs to go hunting? She was mine, right here, right now. A gift.

I took her in my steely arms, aiming for the jugular, then…wow! She's got no throbbing pulse! 

That was that then. Of course I knew the minute she walked in...

At least one female in the bar's out of temptation’s way.

Bring on the next one...

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a fun vampire story! I love the voice!

  2. Enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek take, Denise, and the reworked name. Perfectly done. Hope all is good.

    1. Thanks Nila. Such fun. I have another slice in my back but caught it in time. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. Sassy and sexy. Loved the voice and the personality and awesome setting.

  4. Vampy suits certain parts of the Montmartre area, Denise, and especially near the Moulin Rouge. Whippy dialogue suits the mood, too. Vampires just want to have fun, too, I guess. . .

    1. Yes, D.G. I can easily imagine them, especially in the back streets.

    2. Yes, D.G. I can easily imagine them, especially in the back streets.

  5. Haha...that was fun Denise. So well written too.

  6. Wonderful! I can just imagine all the great short's that could come of this venture for Drack Kulah and Snow White! Oh and you, the author of course! LOL
    Makes me wonder about what type of enterprise I would want, if I were a creature of the night, this one is perfect.

    1. Thanks Y. Vamps and bars...just seems right to me.

  7. Okay, ding, ding, ding, you spooked me totally. Thanks

  8. Loved it! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  9. Awwww, love it! Very sassy. Oodles of style. I'd like to get to know this bad ass pair better.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I really enjoyed your outback adventure too!

  10. Oh that was fun! Slinky, dark and filmy fun!

  11. That was sharp and witty and made me smile all the way through.

  12. They make quite the pair. I'd be interested in their further adventures. :-)

    Sorry about the delay in visiting. Cancer surgery on my forehead. Healing and now working the weekend solor to pay for it all!

  13. I always knew there was more to Snow White. It's always those innocent quite ones that are a pain in the neck.

  14. Loved it, Denise - very decadent! :D I want to read more about this pair, and see what they get up to. I wouldn't mind visiting the bar, either, but would be sure to bring my garlic and a stake along. ;)

    1. I can just see you Trish, garlic around your neck and stake in hand.:)

  15. On to the next -- nice work, Denise. And thanks for plugging Creepy Freebies!

  16. Very clever, fast-paced dialog. A nice creepy tale, well-written.

  17. Denise, I love the voice of your MC. Just when he thinks he has it made, his work is in vain. You can't help wishing him luck the next time.

  18. G'day Denise,

    How spooky is this? Yep, at long last, I'm actually getting my momentum back. This means that I now leave you with one of my um, eagerly anticipated comments.

    I like your story. Excellent, bordering on surreal dialogue. I love surreal and I love the tongue-in-cheek wit. Superbly done, Denise.

    Lovely to see you and thanks for a post I could sink my teeth into....

    Gary :)

    1. Lovely to see you too Gary. Always a pleasure. :)

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. Your story gave me a chuckle. I loved it. The voice was great and the opening line is a killer.

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