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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group - Travelling through the Queensland Outback

Hi Everyone!

Well, this October IWSG caught me napping, or actually, on holidays. It's Aussie school holidays, second week, so I've taken a trip to Northern Queensland to catch up with family.

Every outback town has its pub, or two or three...
NaNoWriMo begins next month. I have my story idea, which will be set in Outback Queensland, so I'm doing some research while I'm here on the spot. A writer doesn't have to be insecure if he/she has done his/her research. Maybe this time I'll even get an outline done before I start writing!

I've been busily taking photographs, so today I'll share some with you. 

This morning Geo and I hit the road from Townsville to Charters Towers, an historic gold-mining city on the edge of the Queensland Outback.

Smoky mountains west of the port city of Townsville, self-proclaimed
capital of North Queensland.
First stop -- lunch at the Old Stock Exchange Cafe in the centre of the
city of Charters Towers.
Charters Towers City Hall - 1888

  • I hope you enjoyed my day's snaps of Outback Queensland. 
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  1. Would love to hear more about your trip, the pictures are great!

  2. As usual, your pictures are lovely. That pub is massive by our standards over here. The city hall building is impressive too. Have fun with NaNo. I wish I could since I need to get a novel finished. I love madness so who knows...

  3. Lovely photo's - liked how they all had the spooky quality - must be because it's October! LOL
    Can't even think about Nano right now - will I or won't I - too much to consider!

    1. Ah, NaNo, somehow I'll fit it in. Turn off the rest of my life perhaps...
      Love that you thought these pics had a spooky quality.

  4. Great photos! I would love it if we were not heading for winter and snow now!

  5. Wonderful photos! Have a great break.

  6. Nice building! I *think* I've been to Townsville.. sorry to be vague, I visited a lot of places in Australia. Have a good trip.

  7. Great idea to combine vacation, family visiting with research.

  8. I love the pics!! You make me want to head up there!

  9. Sure, the more photos the better. Have a fun trip.

  10. Love the pics of the buildings. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Have a great vacation. Nice pics too!

  12. HI, Denise,

    What beautiful shots!!! How cool that you are setting your NaNo story there. UP close and PERSONAL... the ONLY way to research..

    Have a WONDERFUL TIME!!!/,,,

    I Have a new intro for Yolanda's book if you get a chance to drop by my blog this weekend!

    1. Thanks for that Michael. Having a great time. I've been over and read your intro but my smart phone is not so smart these days and it won't let me comment. Now I've fired up the netbook and here I come!

  13. Great photos. The pub has a bit of a New Orleansy look to it.

  14. Hi Denise .. must be lovely just hitting the road - I used to love doing it in SA .. and in fact I guess I'm doing it here!

    Gadgets are a pain! Wonderful when all goes swimmingly .. but then crunchy time hits ...

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Outback .. Hilary

  15. Hi Denise!

    It's great that you had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos as they allowed us to see the place through your eyes!


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