Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ernest Hemingway, the Marrakech Express and more...interview at Imagine Today.

Knocking on Hemingway's door
  in Paris

Today I'm being interviewed over at Kathy McKendry's blog, Imagine Today. This is a result of being a joint winner of The Knights of Micro Fiction monthly competition. My winning story is here if you'd like to read it.

Both Kathy and I would love your support in checking out the interview.

At the highest point of the Sahara Desert in Morocco with my Toureg guides

And before you go, why don't you download Burnt Offerings? It's the latest in the Roland Yeoman's list of ebooks and it's available FREE! It contains four short stories in Roland's lyrical prose and some beautiful interior artwork.


  1. Thanks, Denise and Alex! I am alone at my blood center savaged by a terrible, life-taking storm. So much for my day off!

    Wish me luck. My co-workers are the true heroes, who risk their lives with little children and wives waiting anxiously for them at home. Me? All I have is ghost cat who rides next to me with both paws over her eyes!

  2. Dear Denise,
    Congratulations! I've just re-read your micro fiction story. You are an awesome writer, with a great imagination! I was cracking up at Crystal's comment...she likes the dark side (LOL).
    Wonderful interview over at Kathy's. It's always nice to learn a bit more about our fellow blogging friends.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Don't eat too much roti now! LOL

  3. Love that picture of you in Paris!

  4. Oh wow, exciting, will pop over and check it out.

  5. Love the photograph! And thanks for the info about the book, Denise.

  6. Congratulations, you must be thrilled. Will pop over to check it out. Keep well Diane

  7. Love the pictures Denise. I grabbed them and added them to the interview. :)I'll get Roland's book too.

  8. That would have been amazing, visiting the Sahara. Wow!

  9. I'll save my comments for the interview site :)

    But it looks like you're having fun . .


  10. Cool. I'll have to check it out. Thanks! :)

  11. How exciting, congratulations! Will check it out. (And you've inspired me to find Hemingway's door--I'm headed to Paris this fall)

  12. Awesome photo with you on that camel! I just left a comment over at Kathy's blog, and also downloaded Roland's stories. Glad I stopped by today to see if you'd put up a new post!!

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