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Monday, 6 February 2012

Check out Life on the Muskoka River for my Letter from a friend - all about the Australian beach culture...

My good Canadian blogger friend, Cathy Oliffe-Webster of Life on the Muskoka River is doing a great series: Letter From a Friend so we can learn more about our blogger friends - where they come from, what they value, where they write, that sort  of thing. If you'd like to read my letter to Cathy, go here. You might especially like it if you're snowed under at the moment!

Here's a taste:

Beautiful, laid-back Peregian Beach.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. The post concept is heartwarming too.


  2. Gorgeous. Wish I could visit. Maybe the next time I go back to the Philippines, I can stop in Australia!

  3. I'm just checking on comments. Trying pop up again. People are emailing me saying they can't leave comments when I embed below post. Arrrch! It's such fun having a reply button that works!


  4. I couldn't decide if that was a photograph or a painting at first, it looks wonderful.

  5. I'd kill to be on that beach right now. Kill, I say. It's cold here. And there is snow. Brrr.

  6. Oh, I want to be there right now! Especially as I'm sitting here, shivering, with two sweaters on.

  7. Gorgeous - sigh. How I'd love to be there now.

  8. I just went over there. LOVED the letter. I'm printing it out for my files. I'm not snowed under at the moment. We're having a VERY mild winter, so far. That could change. Oh, Australia. The place I should have gone to when I was 21, but I got married instead.
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