Friday, 8 October 2010

The Perfect Silence of the Night - #fridayflash - Vipunin becomes a vampire...

This is part two of the story of the vampire Vipunin. The first episode was published for #fridayflash on September 23rd. Read it here...

The Perfect Silence of the Night

Fingers of vapour misted above the distant mountains, dancing on the air.

Aware only of themselves, the humans feasted on their wine and cheese and each other, their voices wrapped in the mist.

Vipunin watched them from his hiding place at the edge of the forest, scarcely aware of his friend Cuchulain rustling impatiently by his side.

The humans had conjured up visions Vipunin had tried to forget, visions of long ago when he was a man, not a monster.


His life had been as perfect as a man’s life could be.

How could he have been such a fool?

But how could any man resist Alliyra?

Yet…if he had been strong…he would be dead…long ago…instead of standing in the Verdant Valley centuries later.

Ah, Vipunin sighed, that night! It came back to him in a flash like it was yesterday…

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  1. OOoooo, very nice! Whatever became of her? Why aren't they together anymore? Will we read more of their adventure in the future?

    I really liked this!

  2. Hi, I'm skipping your post until you write on another topic. You see, I live in the jungle, alone, so reading this sort of things gives me the creeps!

    I still visit you to catch up on your older posts.

    Have an enjoyable weekend

  3. OOoooo, very nice! Whatever became of her? Why aren't they together anymore? Will we read more of their adventure in the future?

    I really liked this!

  4. The Words Crafter: Glad you like it. Yes, I intend to write at least another episode..:)

    Sorry Grandpa: Didn't mean to creep you out. It's just an experiment. I'll get over it soon..:)

  5. Why I am reading this before bedtime is beyond me, but oh what a wonderful story. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sorry about Grandpa.

  6. Hi,

    I like this new you writer!

    Good scene setting here, and air of temptation!

    Have you read Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse. If you have and enjoyed them, you will surely love Chloe Saunder's The Summoning/Blue Bloods/Marked. All fantastic reads, the movie Twilight nothing in comparison. ;)


  7. Rachael, thank you. I'm so glad you like it. Poor Grandpa..:)

    Francine: Hey I knew you'd like it. It is due to me finally giving in to Twilight - Eclipse, haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, that I thought I should try to write a few in this genre. I have to really reach to do it so it's good to experiment.

    I'll look out for Chloe Saunders. Thanks for the heads up..:)

  8. I like the mood and dark romantic elements. Now he's torn about his own existence. Nice work.

  9. This explores so many of the issues that vampires would have: remembering what it's like to be human, considering their immortality.

    Great writing! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't been blogging much but I'm still writing. :)

  10. Really cool. I love the opening description. I see those fingers over the mountains and have often wondered how to describe them, you did a wonderful job.


  11. This is excellent work! I do hope you're up for me showcasing more of your fiction on my blog as you were one of the four winners in my contest last Friday. Let me know either way.

  12. I do hope you write more. Very atmospheric setting. Spooky in all the right places. So good!

  13. Hey L'Aussie, enjoyed reading your story :) Can't believe I'm follower 199 - only missed out by one! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do for your 250 followers celebration :)

  14. Aubrie: Thanks for stopping by and liking my story. Glad to catch up..:)

    Clarissa: Glad you liked it..:)

    Jeffrey: Thanks. I will do it..:)

    Selma: I hope to write at least one more episode..:)

    Rachael: Thanks for the follow. Bells will ring when I hit 200! For 250 followers I have a special blogfest planned. Hope you come back and join in!!!!

  15. It was great to see YOUR lovely face on my blog yesterday. I have been away for over a week and have missed my followers.

    I'm now heading over to your travel blog. I went into it first and saw the incredibly beautiful header photo. I'm going back there.

  16. Beautiful! I love the opening of this... so emotive.

  17. Good story. I like the tone and darkness of it.

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