Friday, 19 June 2009

A difficult re-start in some ways

Moving is exhausting, especially when it's been done over a long, gradual period. Anyway, I'm re-grouping and settling in to life in The Big Smoke (as Aussies refer to cities). We really like to believe we're country bumpkins, but the truth is, most Aussies live in our very few cities or close by. There's a lot of glorious 'empty' space, full of red desert sand, spinifex and shatteringly-blue, cloudless sky. Great to drive through in an air-conditioned car, stopping occasionally to take unbelievable snaps of brolgas dancing or animal skeletons.

I've always considered myself a country girl, only briefly lived in cities, so who knows how long this will last? It's a good base to write and travel - and I'm ready for an apartment with just 3 lots of floor to ceiling doors to clean, instead of a two-story house at the beach surrounded by windows. Sounds idyllic but they spend their time covered in grime...hmmm, so not a poet....


  1. It sounds wonderful, despite the dust. We're surrounded by fields and the place seems dusty all the time, even one hour after having dusted the place.

  2. Better than being in Iraq in a dust storm!!


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