“It’s very easy to quit during the first ten years of writing. Nobody cares whether you write or not, and it’s very hard to write when nobody cares one way or the other. You can’t get fired if you don’t write, and most of the time you don’t get rewarded if you do. But don’t quit.” Andre Dubus

Saturday, 18 September 2010


TALLI ROLAND will have her book The Hating Game available as an ebook on December 1st on AMAZON . Read a review here. This is before the launch of the hardcopy in 2011.

 Please join Talli’s BlogSplash! 

Here’s a quote from her post:

On December 1, the e-book version of The Hating Game will launch ahead of its UK hard-copy launch next year!

So I'm dreaming big. Wouldn't it be great if my debut novel by an indie publisher made it into the top ranks of Amazon Kindle sales? It might sound crazy, but it's amazing how quickly your book can move up the ranks if a number of people purchase it on the same day. And with an ebook, there are no distribution issues. Anyone, anywhere can buy it!

On release day -- December 1 -- I'm looking for bloggers (and Tweeters and Facebookers) to help with a Blogsplash to spread the word!

If you sign up, all I ask is that on Dec 1 you post a short paragraph about what I'm trying to accomplish and The Hating Game blurb. I'll send you all the content so you just have to cut and paste! I am aiming to have one thousand bloggers take part (I know, I know -- but it might happen! I'm thinking big!) so anything you can do to spread the word would be FANTASTIC. Just fill out the form below (on her site, once you click the link to BlogSplash) or email talliroland@gmail.com to take part.
“Here's where you come in. It's amazing how few copies it takes to rocket your sales rank on Amazon. Wouldn't it be incredible if people bought copies of The Hating Game ebook -- all on Dec 1 --- and brought it up the charts? If for one brief moment in time (or maybe more), The Hating Game was an Amazon Kindle bestseller?”
So, can a debut novel by an indie publisher take over Amazon? We shall see!


  1. Hi,

    Great post!

    A banner to put on blogs would be a good idea - permanently on view!


  2. Good idea, Francine. And of course, I'll be there Dec. 1st.

    Good of you to be behind your friend, L'Aussie. Roland

  3. Francine, yeh, that is something talli should do. Maybe she'll do it when she gets back from hols in Nova Scotia, lucky girl..:)

    Thanks Roland. Dec 1st should be a blast..:)

  4. Kudos to you for giving your friend a shout out. I wish to take part in the 'crash' but I know me. Please please remind us again at a later date!!!

  5. Sure thing Words Crafter. It'll be here before we know it..:)

  6. Glad you gave Talli a shout out. I have her one too. But I didn't think about adding her book on my sidebar. Great Idea. I'm going to add it now! Thanks.

  7. I just love the support network in blogging. Thanks for letting me know about Talli's book release!


  8. Great Jai. Let's all help Talli and anyone else who needs us..:)

  9. AH! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help and support and it was so nice to see your comment this morning when I finally got around to checking my email!

    Francine's idea is a great one and when I'm back from vacation I'll be developing a badge for everyone!

    Thanks again! :)

  10. Unfortunately I don't have a kindle. I have to wait until the hard copy comes to Canada.

  11. Talli, you're welcome. I've put your book up for a link for now..:)

  12. Stina, woops, i'll check out that link now! Thanks for telling me..:)

  13. Love this! Love supporting other writers, thank you.

  14. Go Julie! We need each other..:)

  15. Ohhh, nothing like crashing a web site to give my day some meaning. I'm up for it!

  16. Lovely of you to shout out for Talli.

    I'll be supporting her and my MC, Gardner, is on Twitter, so he signed up for the Dec. 1.

  17. Great Nick and Terry. Good ole Gardner. I'm sure he'll help..:)


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