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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Brisbane is now my home

You know what they say - home is where the heart is - and no matter where you are it is good to feel at home. Now I've moved from the very beautiful Peregian Beach to Brisbane, only a 160 km trip, yet another world. My view from my desk at Peregian was of the Pacific Ocean. I could see surfers, whales in season, and kiteboarders and walkers. My view from my desk in Brisbane couldn't be more different - I can see my kitchen! Wow! So really I have no distractions, I should be able to write and write and write! Here's to anything that'll keep me out of the kitchen!!! I even have a bed behind me, hmmm, feeling a bit tired????


  1. My view is of a shed wall, so I don't have any distractions. That said, it is covered with various photos, etc, but I tell myself that these are for inspiration.

  2. You live in such a lovely part of the world.

  3. Echoing what Helen said. Lovely new start for you!

  4. Thanks for comments. I don't yet have broadband transferred (too hard for my server!) so I have to wait for another provider! Thus a long time between blogs! and twits! and my fave, reading blogs! Oops, I forgot writing, but I'm still at it!!


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