“It’s very easy to quit during the first ten years of writing. Nobody cares whether you write or not, and it’s very hard to write when nobody cares one way or the other. You can’t get fired if you don’t write, and most of the time you don’t get rewarded if you do. But don’t quit.” Andre Dubus


I have published short stories and travel articles in magazines, and founded RomanticFridayWriters, an online romantic flash fiction site. I have written four novels. My fourth novel, Fijian Princess, a romance set in Fiji, is about to be submitted to Harlequin Escape Australia. I am also an English teacher who writes free English Resources.



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  1. Debbie, I just love your blog. You have so many interesting topics... I really don't need to go to any other blog on writing. I'm in the middle of getting my first book published, and since I'm new at this... I am being overly accurate and slow and nervous. As soon as this is behind me, I will most def. be visiting you again.


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