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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Madeleine Sara's Novel Film Blogfest -- Gone With the Wind

Hello there!

I'm running a little late for my entry in Maddy's Novel Films Blogfest, but I haven't been well and time just slipped away.

Maddy gave us three choices. I'm chatting about a novel that has been made into a magnificent film, which is basically Day 1's brief. 

Usually with novel to film, I like the novel much better. However, there are always some exceptions. I would like to especially mention Gone With the Wind, where both the novel and film are unforgettable. Margaret Mitchell in the novel was certainly able to paint a magnificent landscape set in the American Civil War -- my heart thundered in my chest when I first read it as a young girl. At the time it was claimed the novel was close on the heels of the Bible as the most popular book.

When I saw the film, I was able to see the novel brought to life. Of course, that is about characterisation. (Don't we hate it when a favourite book is made into film and you HATE the choice of the main character, especially. I'm thinking of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher -- pullease!)

The choices for the main characters in GWTW were spot on. Who else but Vivian Leigh could be Scarlett O'Hara? Can you imagine? (Although I remember reading in a film magazine that she wasn't the first choice. I forget who the original choice was, but thankfully Vivian got the part.) And Rhett Butler just had to be Clark Gable. And Mammie, Ashley Wilkes, Melanie. Obviously the parts were chosen carefully. Great choice of characters, coupled with magnificent cinematography for the time, plus the amazing story which pretty much followed the novel's storyline -- all combined to make GWTW a standout experience, both viewing and reading. 

  • What is your favourite novel to film -- or do you have a favourite novel where you think the film murders the book?


  1. I think the LOTR films were even better than the books. Jackson captured the essence so well.

  2. I thought Shawshank Redemption was a great movie version of the Stephen King novella. And I almost always like the books better than the movies, but sometimes, like with Fight Club, the movie was better than the book.

  3. You picked my favorite! And I agree on Tom Cruise as Reacher, yes, a sham! We saw the movie on video and all the while I'm telling my husband all about the book, he was curious enough to look it up on the net, and agreed. Cruise was the worst choice.

  4. There are a few novels - classics mostly - I tried to read and couldn't, but enjoyed the movie. GWTW is one of them. And Moby Dick. Wuthering Heights.

    The colors came to life in Gone with the Wind, the movie. I have to agree with you about the actors, they made the characters come to life.

    Good choice for the blogfest Denise. I hope you are feeling better.


  5. Hard to say. Books are always much better than the films. Lord of the Rings was pretty darn good though.

  6. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - it was a wonderful film, and very different from the book. But still captured the cultural contradictions and the humour, as well as giving fantastic roles to older actors, so not assuming that everyone over 25 is past it!

  7. Mmm... My favorite movie adaptions are actually split between the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes's and The Chronicles of Narnia. :-)

  8. Ack! How could I've forgotten GWTW?? I have to watch it once a year. I love it so much. And you're so right. Vivian Leigh was so totally Scarlett. Exactly how I imagined her!! It'll always be one of my fave books. Did you ever read the sequel Scarlett? Not quite the same, but I enjoyed it.

    1. I have it on my shelf but haven't read it. I must now.

  9. Hi Denise - hope you're feeling better now. I'm glad Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was mentioned by Jo .. I'm ashamed to say I'm very unread .. but I love more avant garde films ... does Chocolat pass muster here ...

    oh and Women in Love .. Cheers Hilary


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