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Saturday, 14 January 2012

#RomanticFridayWriters - Challenge No 28- My prosetry, 'New Year's Resolution !'

Romantic Friday Writers is a fortnightly on-going blogfest where writers respond to prompts or themes. It showcases the work of many fine writers who write romantic flash fiction or poetry under 400 words. You don't have to write of hearts and flowers; there just needs to be some element of romance present in your story/poem. 

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The New Year.
I hear the fireworks explode
I see the flickering shadows
outside my cell-like room
Am I having a party, you ask?
No party for moi.
I've found a new way to celebrate
this special time of the year.
I'm going to prison.
For murder.

Am I afraid?
Sure I am.
when the fear gets too large I claw my thoughts back
to Zack.
To what we had.
What we shared before we did IT!
Before we made our New Year's Resolution.

I wish he were here with me.
I would find strength and love in just one look from him.

But I've never been a logical person have I?
If Zack were with me
I wouldn't be in this fix
now would I?

Zack's the reason I'm going to prison.
They say I murdered him.
There's no such thing as 'mercy killing' in this state.

My 'mercy' has come back to sting me - hard.

The rest of my life will be a nightmare.

I'll have plenty of time
to think about what I've done.

But I'd do it all again.

For Zack.

Okay. I've written some prosetry for this entry. If you'd like to enter for the prompt, New Year's Resoluton, you have a day or two to get onto it! Check out the RomanticFridayWriters site for ideas. All writers welcome!

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Well under 400-word limit. I'm no poet, so all suggestions for improvement welcome.


  1. You're under the limit, and I'm over -- but the Friday the 13th spirit overwhelmed me. Yours is indeed a great post. I can offer no way to improve it. If you have the time, check mine out :

  2. Muahahahahahahaha (my evil laugh).
    I always assumed it was the butler that did it but obviously it was you who got Zack back.

    1. Oh muahahahahaah yourself you Canadian comedian!


  3. I'm not usually one to like prologues; but I'm seeing this as the prelude to a longer story. And I'm liking the sentements it stirrs. Sacrifice for a lover is enticing to me; especially if it lands the perptrator in deep trouble.

    I can see the resolution here; both to accept the consequences of her actions, and not to give in to dispair that her lover and trusted confidante is gone - by her hand.

    Darkly beautiful Denise. Thanks for the read :)


  4. Hi Denise! I'm so sorry to hear about your Blogger problems! I didn't see what your blog looked like when you wrote about it being all changed, and I'm such a new follower, I don't remember what it looked like before. This looks great, though, and hope everything is working perfectly now. I posted about having problems trying to leave comments on my Jan. 13 post. Also, I have NOT gone to the NEW stuff on Blogger because I DO NOT like change! Eeek! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I loved this. So powerful, and so sad. Yet, there's the satisfaction of knowing she's done what she believes to be the right thing.

  6. Hi,

    Poignant prose and mercy killing such a difficult thing to quantify as murder per se. Nicely poetic!

    As to blogger: I went to the trouble of backing up my blog, and then I thought, well, if the existing ones blow up, it's an excuse to re-vamp! She says, all cool like. ;)

  7. Bravo! I love it. Very original take on the theme, too.

  8. The ultimate expression of love. Kill the person. My take is to pay someone else to kill them, then let them go to prison.

  9. You say you're no poet... you sure about that? That was FAB! Great rhythm and the blunt, rounded ending... I loved it.

  10. I love the line, I claw my thoughts back. Unusual submission. True love would lead a person to such an extreme.

  11. Great poem Denise - I personally am a supporter of euthanasia so this definitely spoke to me!

  12. Wow, interesting concept, and a great example! :)

  13. One thing is sure, by the end of this, I know she loved Zack. Interesting 'story' this week, Denise and it does speak to a love story.

  14. Well of course the new Reply system has stopped working and I was so enjoying it, but never mind. It seems a few of you are scratching your heads, but if you read closely it's a case of euthanasia carried out with Zack's consent or at his instigation.

    Thanks for your comments. It could indeed be the start of a much larger story Donna. I'll keep it in mind.

    Have a great week my lovelies!


  15. Loved your story and the premise sounds interesting Denise.

  16. Love your poem, Denise. You should write more poems. Lovely twists and turns. At first it seemed like they'd both killed someone and then it turned out she killed him. Cleverly done. Raises questions about what people would do for love. Heartbreaking too.

  17. Beautiful piece of Proserty. It's so touching and does well to show what sacrifices one would do for someone he/she loved.

    I don't really do resolutions, but I did set goals in the beginning of the year. Main one being the completion of my WiP. :-)

  18. This is fabulous, Denise. Although I'm left feeling melancholic about it. It's still a great piece of writing. Well done.

  19. I loved your prosetry. Kinda creepy, but in a good way.

  20. Hello Denise.
    I'm really impressed with the murder/"mercy killing" prosetry. It's quite creepy the lengths some people will go to for love. Very intriguing. Would like to see a continuation of this little number.
    Very nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Just a thought, if you use "full page" or "pop-up window" comments, the threaded replies won't work. You have to set your comments to "embedded below post".

  21. Hi Deniz,

    A beautiful piece of writing. I loved it!

  22. A mercy killing? Yikes! I enjoyed the poem and its twist.

  23. That was wonderful, Denise! I could never do that! :(


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